Personalized Email Marketing with Salesforce

• Date: January 2018 •
Most companies use a variety of marketing channels to generate leads, and email marketing takes one of the leading positions in this list. However, some businesses who have tried this marketing option report low open and website click rates, and at the same time setting up outreach takes too much of their precious time. This doesn't mean though that you should give up on it. Instead, it is time for you to think of optimizing your campaigns. Salesforce provides numerous opportunities for email marketing personalization and automation.

Benefits of Salesforce Email Marketing Personalization

People actually like it when they are treated in some special positive way – by their friends, family, or colleagues. And when they feel such attitude from the part of businesses, this surely will influence their purchasing decisions. Personalized emails can potentially make your marketing campaigns a lot more efficient. However, even today with so many tools available most brands using email marketing don't personalize their campaigns.

We at Twistellar are still wondering why, because this is not astrophysics, and here everything is pretty plain and simple once you dare to spend a bit of your time on it. Besides, the benefits provided are worth the hassle of figuring out how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email campaigns personalization. Here they are.

Increased engagement

According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, companies using personalized promo mailings get 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click rates. Impressive, huh? Imagine how many leads you can generate, especially with a wide range of email marketing tools available to you through Salesforce.

Ordered contact list

Something that works well for one of your audiences might not work for another at all. Salesforce enables marketers to create segmented lists of recipients grouping them by chosen criteria. This allows targeting particular client categories with content tailored specifically to them, thus boosting click rates and driving conversions.

Easy templates customization

Salesforce email personalization solutions typically offer a wide range of templates which can be easily customized. Lots of AI-enabled hints allow you to make each email sound more like the beginning of a face-to-face conversation than a sales pitch.

Remarketing opportunities

Some businesses report that as much as 65% of their sales come from existing customers. A lot of companies have realized the importance of building long-term relationships with their clients that last far longer than the first sale. Salesforce provides great opportunities for building workable remarketing campaigns. This is a great way to reach out to your existing customer base and encourage them to make a second purchase.

Actionable insights

Salesforce email marketing analytics tools can tell you a lot about your customers' demographics and their preferences. Thanks to integration with Service and Sales Clouds, this data is available to all employees with access, helping them perform better. No more leads lost somewhere along the pipeline. With such intelligence at hand, you can streamline your organization's warehouse management, product line composition, and optimize marketing campaigns on other channels. This will empower you with an opportunity to cater to specific groups of customers on a personal level, driving conversion rates significantly.

A Few Tips to Help You Get Started

You might think that this is actually too much to grasp. But one of the key advantages of Marketing Cloud is that you don't need an army of marketers to get and keep everything up and running. By choosing email marketing automation with Salesforce, you a clear picture of who your customers are and a set of easy-to-use intuitive tools to act based on this information. Here are a few guidelines to help you start.

Grow your audience. Especially for a small business or a start-up, it may be hard to get a list of contacts for outreach. Acquire subscribers from your website or mobile application by requiring users to sign up using their email, or a social media account which is surely linked to one. Also you can give away coupons at your brick-and-mortar locations in exchange for entering a loyalty program with email signup.

Test, choose, repeat. Always have at least two personalized mailings for a single category of customers and be sure to test out both. Then choose the best-performing one based on results.

Provide opportunities of interaction. A great thing to do that is to integrate email marketing with social media by adding share or like buttons to your content. As a positive side effect, this will help you grow your social media follower base.
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