Salesforce has acquired MuleSoft to accomplish deep and intelligent customer experiences. Forward-Looking Statements.

• Date: September 2018 •
MuleSoft and Salesforce
The global leader in CRM has acquired MuleSoft, the provider of one of the leading platforms in the world for creating application networks.
MuleSoft's platform is used to connect software via application programming interfaces
MuleSoft helps organizations to become innovative faster by making it easy to connect the world's apps, data, and devices.
Salesforce and MuleSoft will accelerate customers' digital transformations, allowing them to unlock legacy systems data, cloud apps and devices to make smarter yet faster decisions and create highly differentiated connected customer connectivity. The big picture behind the MuleSoft deal is that Salesforce needs to connect to its legacy and on-premise rivals.
The big success story for Salesforce executives was the huge business boost from the recent acquisition of MuleSoft, the provider of one of the world's leading platforms for building application networks. MuleSoft does give Salesforce more of a hybrid cloud deployment playbook. That's why salesforce's acquisition of MuleSoft adds an integration cloud and a way to connect to more hybrid cloud deployments.

Forward-Looking Statements
  • 1
    Now with MuleSoft, Salesforce will allow customers to connect all of the information throughout their enterprise across all public and private clouds and data sources.
  • 2
    MuleSoft will continue to build toward its vision for the application network with Anypoint Platform, connecting any application, data source, and device — whether it's related to Salesforce or not.
  • 3
    Anypoint Platform will also be available as a part of the Salesforce Integration Cloud, which — along with other complementary tools will make it easy for customers to surface any data, regardless of where they reside to deliver intelligent, connected customer experiences across all channels and links.
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    Together with MuleSoft, Salesforce now provides one of the world's leading platforms for building application networks that connect enterprise apps, data and devices across any cloud and as premise — whether they connect with Salesforce or not.
  • 5
    MuleSoft will play a major role in projects for businesses that still have not formalized digital transformation strategies. Salesforce's purchase of MuleSoft puts the customer right at the heart of digital transformation.
  • 6
    MuleSoft will continue to build toward the company's vision of the application network with Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft will power the new Salesforce Integration Cloud, which will enable all enterprises to surface any data regardless of where it resides.
Unique Customers' Benefits
  • Maximize Salesforce investment
    Complete Salesforce connectivity to top CRM, ERP, HCM applications and more.

  • Proof & Future benefits
    Quick access to data. A clear statement of management and control requirements for all teams
  • Low coefficient of resistance
    Thanks to the robust library of Salesforce integration templates, it has the best practices that speed up time and value are in quick access.
    Many companies are still lagging due to the difficulty in integrating legacy infrastructure, automating manual and paper-based processes, and managing data growth. With its API-led approach to connectivity, MuleSoft's industry-leading Anypoint Platform is enabling more than 1,200 organizations in approximately 60 countries to build application networks. That's new ways and opportunities for different businesses to become successful and effective.
    Companies of every size and industry have to transform how they do business in the digital age to invent faster, deliver differentiated customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

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"MuleSoft's point is to make Salesforce integration with legacy systems a lot easier. That drives automatization cost lower and lower, and cooperative data access more and more open. By its own, the access to cooperative data is a huge problem, especially if it is stored in different systems, as it should be accessed without difficulties. So that's why MuleSoft designed solutions for these challenges, helping to avoid building custom code Integrations of platforms. By acquiring MuleSoft, Salesforce pretends to be the one to make an Integration Cloud - meaning a variety of possible interactions, which will make so most of the times workers can create configured systems using nothing but configuration. The problem is very popular and Twistellar regularly runs into requires to integrate Salesforce with different systems.

Salesforce works with data using different and distant devices, and etc. And mostly creating integrated systems is a unique project in some way, that includes two main phases. The first phase is basically the creation of a prototype, a concept, that is meant to show if it's compatible with different platforms, for example - Salesforce and a different system that is being integrated. The second part - is primarily the creation of the front-end and the back-end, needed for the upcoming usage."
Dmitri Leichik, CEO Twistellar

"MuleSoft solutions will help Salesforce architects to fasten integrations of external systems and to provide simple data exchange. Large number of such cases belongs to necessity of moving data from legacy systems or migrating to Salesforce from other CRM. In that case, quickly set and continuous integration between few systems is very helpful to let new customer easily, at a calm pace move to new platform and get used to it.

Actually, we have to remember that complex integrations with a number of configurations, specific conditions and triggers inside, different flows are automatically switched, based on some rules will require deep and quality development expertise.

What does it stand for? It means, that when you're busy with building your fabulous comprehensive system inside Salesforce or using Salesforce as a part of bigger chain, you can switch your mind from creating straightforward data exchange functionality and save time costs for finding needed solution throughout the system. And, if your target is not so dramatic and complicated, you could possibly find an opportunity to configure required system interaction without of any coding, all thanks to the easy and configurable methods of MuleSoft solutions."
Sergiusz Koczanowski, CTO Twistellar
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