Top 5 Customer Service Apps on Salesforce AppExchange

• Date: March 2018 •
There are currently over 3,000 apps published on Salesforce AppExchange, and they fall into numerous categories. Some are aimed at SMBs, some at large-scale enterprises, others at non-profits. There are solutions for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud users and applications for companies from various domains, like finance, healthcare and others. For the end user, it might be pretty easy to get lost in the sea of apps, even though AppExchange is highly intuitive to navigate through. Twistellar offers you some help with this task – here is our selection of five Salesforce customer service apps

5 Great Salesforce Apps for Customer Support

Client service is a critical part of customer relationship management. It helps companies build rapport with their clients and stakeholders, enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty. The role of service agents can't be overestimated, and these guys sure wouldn't mind some help doing their job. Here is when Salesforce comes into play, with its numerous tools for your customer support team. A surprisingly large amount of them are free, others are paid and some can be purchased at a discount by non-profits. We at Twistellar especially love the following ones.
Timely and comprehensive customer feedback is an efficient tool for decision-making which helps respond to changes in buying behavior fast and also quickly surface problems. The application offers a number of useful features:
Opportunity to create surveys in a matter of minutes.
Send surveys directly from Salesforce using the database of leads, contacts, and opportunities.
Integrate the survey later in any object, including custom ones.
It is another great tool that allows more personalized communication with customers via text messages. Here are its core capabilities:
Opportunity to send SMS worldwide from Lead, Account, Contact and Campaign.
Users can customize the sender's name;
LVN (Long Virtual Number) support to receive messages directly to Salesforce.
For medium to large support teams juggling cases back and forth between agents is a challenge because of the burdensome process of changing ownership. Yes, it seems like a very quick and easy thing to do – enter Case Owner, click Change, change the value from Queue to User and enter the name, then Save. However, it is something your agents do every time several times, which with time accumulates to man-hours and even man-weeks. So why not automate this repetitive task to facilitate the job of the customer service team and at the same time make reporting more accurate and thus actionable?
Internet Creations gives an answer to this question and offers its free application Take Ownership for Cases, which by the way is one of the highest rated Salesforce AppExchange apps.
The app basically integrates a custom Take Ownership button, thus cutting the whole process down to a single click. You've probably never thought you needed the thing, but now that you have you won't do without.
There are some remarkable dates in the company-customer and company-employee relationships which are worth to be remembered – both by the company and the stakeholder. These are customer, partnership and work anniversaries, employee and client birthdays, and others. It's important to let the customer know that you know how long they are with you – this shows them they are valued. As a positive side effect, it might also turn out to be a great opportunity to encourage a second purchase. As for employees, a simple congratulation letter from the part of the company serves as an appreciation of their effort and capabilities.
Manually logging in all those dates in your calendar now feels as though it were Stone Age – it takes too much time which otherwise could be spent on much more productively. Also, the possibility of a human error is high. Events Reminder is a native AppExchange application that addresses the issue.
The app allows sending automated emails using customizable templates as per occasion. All birthdays and anniversaries are accessible to you via a calendar with several theme options available.

This native application is Lightning-ready and also available via the Salesforce1 mobile app. 5-day free trial is offered.

Artificial intelligence is the future of not just of Salesforce but customer relationship management in general. Independent software vendors have already caught wind of the opportunity and launched a few AI-specific apps on AppExchange, and these solutions quickly climbed to the top of the best Salesforce app list. Coveo is one of them. The tool is far more advanced than regular search – it helps users find the most relevant content, no matter where in a Salesforce org it is located.
The app is powered by machine-learning search algorithms which scan a variety of applications connected with Salesforce, including DropBox, SharePoint, YouTube, Jive, MS Exchange, and others. The self-learning search engine analyzes how successful search outcomes are and then enhances the results for future searchers to help them find the necessary information faster.
Another helpful feature of Coveo is analytics, which empowers admins to make decisions on content creation by showing them gaps and providing insights into user behavior.
We hope you've found our list of customer service apps useful. As for us at Twistellar, we hope to make our contribution to AppExchange some day very soon, now as we've got the Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner status. Keep in touch with our blog to learn more about Salesforce AppExchange and its best applications.
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