Salesforce's Quip add Slides. New features: Real-time collaboration, Live Charts, Engagement Insights

• Date: September 2018 •
Slides to drive decisions
Quip combines documents and spreadsheets into a powerful collaboration platform that integrates with Salesforce. And now Salesforce's Quip adds Slides.
Image: Quip. Salesforce takes on Microsoft PowerPoint with Quip Slides.
Brilliant presentations are great creativity part of our dynamic business life. So, day-to-day we're actively using decks to boost working together, meetings, and pitching ideas. Quip Slides are created to help people build collaborative and interactive presentations. Quip Slides are designed to impress. They are very useful and help to start dialogues and drive decisions. In fact, many features in Quip Slides will be well-known to everyone who has already successfully used Office 365 or G Suite to make presentations that can be checked and edited by teammates. But what is the radical difference? Quip Slides can surface Salesforce data directly in a presentation that is automatically updated while the underlying data changes in real time format.
Rockstar keynotes
A team of colleagues can work together. All that's happening with slides, for example, co-editing or any changes - takes place in real time. A great advantage is that people can leave comments anywhere on a slide. It is no longer necessary to send e-mails or arrange rallies and discussions.
3 points about Quip Slides:
Fresh interface
All tasks are in one place
Intelligent search
Everything is simple, fast and amazing. Anyone can start a conversation with colleagues in a chat. In addition, a slide can be edited cooperatively - all of the team members can instantly see the changes made by another user.

Synergy of

Feedback Prompts
Quip allows the possibility of live commenting. Users can add questions, polls, and give feedback by placing comments anywhere on a slide, instead of sending emails or booking meetings. This opportunity is designed to drive decisions faster.
Engagement Insights
Users can check their slides' rating and see which stakeholders have viewed a presentation, and which slides have the most engagement. Further, Salesforce suggests using Einstein's proposals to decide who to follow with. These tools are created for excellent and productive work.
Real-time collaboration
Effective networking. Quip Slides give teams the tools they need to collaborate on important everyday projects, accelerate all business processes and work forward faster. People can use built-in chat, co-editing, and commenting to create version-free slides. Real teams all over the world work in real time in their offices, and so do Quip Slides together.
Live Charts
Interactive charts connect to real-time data in Quip's Spreadsheets. You can even connect charts to spreadsheets backed by Salesforce Reports. That's an amazing and easy tool for a talented team! No more copying and pasting in every weekly meeting!
Live Data
Perfect integration based on a ready-made solution. Embedding live data from Salesforce and third-party systems via Live Apps. Keep your slides up to date with real-time data easily and automatically.
A fresh and impressive design was invented to inspire! Tabs on the desktop, updated application for Mac, intelligent search and full report of all the changes in the document. These new powerful features help people always stay connected and inspect any situation.
Tabs on desktop
This is one of the most-requested incredible features ever. Quip desktop app for Mac now includes tabs, just like users' favorite browser.

New sidebar and menu
So, meet with the next user-friendly update. Now menu in Quip are more intuitive and advanced, bringing instant familiarity with the work you're doing.

Admin console
Fresh design! Quip for admins is rejuvenated with streamlined navigation and modern new Salesforce-inspired design.

Advanced search
More intelligent and powerful search makes it possible to find documents by their creators and to check, who worked with them, and more. That's important information excluding human factor and misunderstandings. In fact, this tool provides a complete account and excellent report of all changes that have occurred to the document.

Tasks view
A user can see every checklist item that's assigned to him anywhere in Quip, all in a single place. That's comfortable and allows to save the time for every-second checking different messages and email. All that user has to do - prioritize, pin and incorporate personal to-dos.

What's New?
Third-party Live Apps for Quip

Quip also strucks partnership deals with Box and Dropbox to paste files and folders directly into presentation slides or documents. And it will allow reps using Sales Cloud Lightning or Service Cloud Lightning consoles to use Quip documents and spreadsheets directly in their workflows.
Box Files Viewer Live App
Embed Box files and folders directly into Quip documents to accelerate collaboration. Manage, access, and preview key files embedded directly within a team's project documents.

Dropbox Live App
Users and teams can paste a Dropbox folder directly within Quip to better stay in the flow. With Dropbox for Quip users can navigate through folders and subfolders in order to easily view, open and download any of the files inside Dropbox.

Salesforce Record Live App
Yet another new integration - Record Live App and Salesforce will be released early next year. Everything that user love (including live, collaborative editing) can happen right inside Salesforce as a Lightning component. People will be able to work seamlessly in Quip without leaving Salesforce, unlocking a whole new level of making decisions, sharing information, and moving faster.

So, the Salesforce Record Live App will allow a whole team to see the most up-to-date data, at any time, from using any device and turn back to Salesforce right from Quip doc. And yes— this Live App will include out-of-the-box support for custom objects and fields. That makes it easier than ever to combine Salesforce data with team collaborative, custom workflows in Quip.

What Twistellar can offer you?
Salesforce is a platform that covers the diverse needs of business-processes automation which greatly expands the customer-friendly position. In particular, the Quip component is responsible for the workflow and it's a competitive step in the market-fight with Microsoft and their product Microsoft Office.
In fact, all Salesforce applications that were created on this platform can integrate to themselves all of Quip functions. So, we can embed Quip components into an application using the Quip API.
We're the team of highly-qualified developers with competitive experience of completing most responsible projects. We have a great experience in everything related to using of versatile third party APIs in general and Quip's API in particular, to create integrated apps.
We already have several interesting projects that use the Quip API. New Salesforce Quip features - working with presentation slides - greatly expand the capabilities of this API and enhance the ability of customizing applications.
This update once again shows that Salesforce is a market leader, a full-fledged vendor and not just a CRM system. Salesforce is a great platform for excellent collaboration

Dmitri Leichik, CEO Twistellar
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