Twistellar Ranks Highly Among Belarus Software Development Firms

• Date: March 2019 •
Here at Twistellar, we are a Salesforce Registered Consulting partner and an AI Solutions Provider, working with customers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

We are headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, and our growing team of professionals is keen in providing service in all major domains of Salesforce. By combining it with deep AI competencies and machine learning we are able to make the most out of your CRM investments. We are easy to work with, customer-focused, and committed to your firm's success.

As we move forward, we are very excited to announce our new partnership with Clutch, a reviews site and platform that facilitates B2B interaction for firms looking for solutions to their business problems.

We believe that creating a profile with Clutch is a firm's first step towards increasing their company's online brand presence. We are very proud to have been featured in Clutch's list of leading AI companies. Clutch uses a rigorous examination system in order to determine which companies are eligible to create a profile on their site. For example, they took into account our firm's aggregate customer relationships, brand presence online, and overall ability to provide service before we could post a profile on their site. To be featured prominently on their website is a great honor and we have received outstanding customer feedback through this valuable B2B interface.

We are easy to work with, customer-focused, and committed to your firm's success.
Our firm scored well on evaluations of our responsiveness and level of service, value for cost, management expertise, and CRM solutions. Our firm's ability to provide AI solutions and focus on Cloud services is another factor that has helped us score well with Clutch.

In addition to our feature with Clutch, we are also very excited to speak on our partnerships with The Manifest and Visual Objects, two sister sites of Clutch.

These sites function to build links between businesses and their potential clients by providing how-to guides that help users navigate their customer journey. We take pride in being featured on The Manifest's list of top software development companies in Belarus and list of top artificial intelligence (AI) developers for 2019

Overall, we are very pleased with our relationship with Clutch and its sister sites as we continue to grow and expand in this everchanging world of technology.
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