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Twistellar is expanding

We're focused on Salesforce — a great growing platform uniting technological innovations and rich business expertise in versatile business applications.
Great Reasons to Join Twistellar
"Anti-bureaucratic" management: our leaders take care of important aspects of business, fight against baseless self-affirmation and focus on creating value for customers and teammates.
Friendly team and great corporate culture — you'll find new friends and will never be left alone.
Access to the newest tech: we're working on projects with world leading companies, able to implement the most up-to-date technologies, so you get a great experience and possibilities for self-improvement.
English practice: you'll be reading and speaking English every day, so you'll end up being a comfortable communicator in multi-cultural environments.
Flexible working hours: we'll be able to shift your office presence time according to your requirements and inspiration, customer's expectations and effective teamwork arrangements, at certain limits.
You'll be able to travel sometimes — there're lots of great places to see and work in US, Europe and Asia.
We'll invest in your knowledge — we'll help you get international certificates and formal recognition of your skills.
You may be involved in developing AI-based enterprise products — and that will a great step in your career.
And of course — competitive salary defined by your competencies and efficiency is a must.
Current Vacancies in Twistellar
・Salesforce Developer
We'd like to get acquainted with candidates who possess experience of:
• SalesForce applications development for at least a year or
• PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. languages for at least a year
• JavaScript
• Version control system (GIT)
• Software design patterns
• English communications (able to at least understand and express themselves orally)

It would be great if you are:
• a bachelor or master in technical sciences
• willing to study new technologies
• good communicator and structural thinker

Job Responsibilities:

• SalesForce applications development
• APEX classes, controllers, triggers development
• UI implementation and improvement
• Test coverage implementation
• Client meetings and interviews
• Job trips to Europe, Asia and US
・Head of Machine Learning Department
We're looking for a person to become the head of Machine Learning Department of Twistellar, willing to gather and lead a team of engineers able to build top-notch AI-driven enterprise applications for companies all over the world.

You'll be leading by example, and on the initial stage of our cooperation will be building MVPs of mutually approved concepts, which then will be tested via established promotion channels.

The main areas of AI application in enterprise segment are supposed to be: data segmentation, processing and anomaly detection, decision making, recommendation systems, language generation system, service bots, image recognition and object detection systems.

You should be:

• AI enthusiast - aware of up-to-date trends in machine learning
• able to prove successful experience of implementing AI-algorithms in functional software
• understanding the basic concepts and background of AI technologies, not just using existing libraries (Tensorflow, Keras, etc.)
• willing and able to collect and run a team
• technically educated, preferably in maths

Relevant background is a must.

To a successful candidate Twistellar is willing to offer a great competitive salary and friendly creative environment, flexible working hours and additional benefits. If you're a star - we're ready to share mutual success via options and profits distribution.

・Marketing/PR Specialist
We're looking for a talented professional, able to set up and maintain systematic communications of Twistellar with Salesforce Community in the world and in Belarus. The goal will be to address and deliver relevant content to two major audiences: our valuable leads and potential customers, and our perspective job candidates and employees.

Communication will be done via the following channels:
- Our web page (you'll need to write unique technical articles and news updates for the Blog)
- Facebook account of Twistellar (you'll need to present the social activities and life of Twistellar team)
- LinkedIn account of Twistellar (you'll need to make updates on the changes of
- Relevant public communities channels - Slack, public groups etc (you'll represent Twistellar to raise brand adoption)
- Partner seminars and events (Twistellar is supporting several communities and will arrange events for potential customers)

The candidate should be:
  • proficient in English and Russian, verbal and written
  • sufficient technical thinker, able to compose technical articles in English
  • communicative easy-going person with rich relevant connections in social networks
  • familiar with internet site managing systems (Tilda preferably)
  • able to make nice photos to display corporate life
  • pro-active and influential contributor, willing to improve his/her surroundings

To a successful candidate Twistellar is willing to offer a competitive salary and opportunity to work in a result-driven corporate culture, and be involved in the most innovative and responsible IT-projects in the world.

Please feel free to reach out, we're open to mutual opportunities!

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