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Salesforce Architecture Consulting and Scoping Solutions

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Salesforce Architecture Consulting and Scoping Solutions

Why Is It Important?

Getting full-scale Salesforce implementation that fully meets your business requirements is not only customizing your Salesforce standard functionality.
Also it usually means building a multi-component architecture, integrating the platform with third-party software and/or creating some custom solutions.
That, and ensuring a reliable approach to data exchange and processing require a proper choice of system architecture.
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Salesforce Scoping Solutions at Twistellar

Twistellar offers Salesforce architecture consulting and scoping services, providing professional design solutions for your infrastructure and setting up all needed integrations.
Having successfully built hundreds of projects from scratch, we’ll provide all our combined consulting expertise and offer several alternative approaches to choose the most appropriate one for your company.

What Does Architectural Consulting Include?

Salesforce architecture and scoping solutions design is the initial stage of project development, requiring rich experience and creative approach. Twistellar will gladly:
There’re usually several ways to solve a particular business automation task. Modern cloud industry already offers plenty of ready-to-use applications for Salesforce platform, and you might wish to consider custom development to get your own proprietary solution instead. A professional cloud architect will scope the existing infrastructure and help you consider all meaningful decision-making factors in order to select a proper combination of software components and build a system that is scalable, reliable, and fully corresponds to your business needs. We will also provide a detailed estimate of effort needed for implementation.
Although Salesforce is a platform providing plenty of ready solutions for companies from versatile industries, to completely cover your business needs you’ll most probably require integrations with third-party software. And to properly set it up, you need an expert possessing deep knowledge of the CRM’s benefits and limitations, and reliable ways of arranging interactions with external systems. Twistellar is ready to help, as we’ve completed dozens of integrations of different scale and complexity.
If you’re building a complicated IT infrastructure, you most probably need to create and maintain detailed and well-structured technical specifications for the implemented functionality. Also, sometimes orgs are developed by different teams, and it’s necessary to investigate the existing functionality and create a detailed description of all processes. We’re able to do this job and provide logical and optimal documentation of the existing architecture, and suggest improvements for your architecture, along with accurate scoping of the efforts needed.
We master all technical aspects of Salesforce, and will be happy to make detailed investigation of your org’s structure and functionality. This stage is dedicated to decomposition of your IT infrastructure and providing recommendations of its improvements, both architectural and functional. And upon your approval, we’ll be able to conduct all needed fixes or custom development ourselves.
Your professional and prompt responses to all our requests made a big impact on how comfortable and confident our client was working towards the sign off.
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And again, thank you for all your support and effort! it is greatly appreciated!
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Twistellar is a full-cycle Salesforce consulting and scoping company able to provide architectural support of any scale and complexity, and then develop all suggested and approved enhancements. We're always on the customer's side in budget-related matters.

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