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Twistellar is a customer-focused company and we are totally committed to the ultimate success of mutual projects. Thus, here you can study the real reviews however without any details about our clients' companies names (due to NDAs).

AMAZINGGG!!! Thank you sooo much :) You are a star!
Senior Project Manager of a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner
Also, the team is very happy with your very responsive communication style so wanted to pass along the good feedback. This is definitely something that differentiates your company from others we work with, so I think you should continue to use it as a differentiator.
Managing Director of a Salesforce Solutions Provider
Just wanted to say congrats and thank you so much for your partnership and the really hard work of your team.

We would not have gotten this done without you!
Director of a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner
Fantastic, thank you!!! Great job, team!
Project Manager of a large enterprise
Hi Dmitri,
Thank you so much! Serge — you are a star again!
Marketing Director of a huge media company
Thanks very much. I have to say that your communication practices make you one of the best teams to work with. It's good to be fed information, rather that needing to ask for it.
Have a good weekend!
Thank you.
CEO of a Salesforce Consulting Company
Twistellar's team is very skilled with APEX & VF development, and they are excellent with meeting deadlines and communication.
CEO of a US B2B company
Good developers like your team, so the only challenge is getting introduced to people. Because once they work with you, they will definitely see that your quality is better that the other competitors. And your communication style is what people in the USA like — very responsive, frequent updates on status, ect.
Managing Director of a Salesforce Solutions Company
It was great — we did the demo just now and it went very well. Thank you! Very much appreciate you being able to do that quickly for us. And really appreciate the follow-up — it is great customer service.
Project Manager of international IT corporation
That's amazing job!
CEO of a Salesforce Solutions company