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Salesforce Pre-Sales Scoping and Solutions Consulting Services

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Salesforce Pre-Sales Scoping and Solutions Consulting Services

Why Is It Important?

Any Salesforce professional knows that to conduct the pre-sales stage of a project properly is at least as important as further realization of the project. That’s the phase that defines whether the services will be signed off at all, how smoothly the implemented CRM solution will work, and what possibilities of expansion it will provide in future.
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Why Order Salesforce Pre-Sales Scoping from Twistellar?

Twistellar offers Salesforce pre-sales and consulting services during the initial phases of a project, helping define a proper approach to CRM implementation based on the customer’s key decision factors: budget, timeline, scalability.

As we’ve been involved in CRM-related projects of various scale and complexity all over the globe, we’re always able to provide reasonable alternatives to the customer.
We always make detailed and clear estimates, so the customer is aware of the structure of the system, and is able to clearly review all components and deliverables, to prevent any surprises in future.

What Do Our Technical Audit Services Include?

Salesforce pre-sales and consulting services provided by Twistellar usually include the following steps:
This stage of Salesforce pre-sales scoping dedicated to clarifying the requirements of the customer, and estimating the costs of corresponding customization and development. As a result, a detailed scope of efforts to implement the expected functionality is composed. During this step, all assumptions and questions about the requirements are clarified, and often several alternative approaches are provided to the customer to choose the most appropriate one.
The stage is related to proper selection and high-level composition of the system's components. Quite often complex projects require integration with several third-party applications, and it's crucial to select them properly to ensure that no internal conflicts will harm future performance. Sometimes changing a single component of a solution can improve the total performance dramatically. Also, it's important to decide between using ready-made third-party apps and building a custom application.
The step is dedicated to putting the CRM's components together. It includes not only simple connection of the parts, but also, quite often, building the necessary middleware and custom development to ensure the platform's expected performance and compatibility. When needed, this step may include creation of Proof of Concept — a step that confirms that the selected architecture will work at all.
The stage is optional and involves us contributing to improving the requirements. As experts in Salesforce development with over 15 years of managerial experience, we're able to not only technically interpret the requirements, but also to offer certain solutions that performed well in similar cases, or advise on particular improvements of a business process, helping to optimize it or select a proper automation approach.

Our Projects

A huge project with plenty of complicated architectural solutions, full scrum cycles and advanced reporting.
We provided architectural advice to properly approach the project goals and, with accurate estimates, ensure fitting in approved budget.
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The Next Thing to Do

As a professional Salesforce consulting company, Twistellar is always on the customer's side in budget matters. While providing your business with scoping services, we are focused on finding an appropriate and cost-effective solution, and are able to define and build reliable scalable architecture that will perform well for a long time.

So let's get in touch and discuss your requirements right now!
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