Best Salesforce Practices for Industries

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Salesforce is already used by hundreds of thousands of companies all over the Globe. Take a glance at the way it changes the traditional landscape of numerous industries.
Become the sole provider for your clients
  • Deliver connective, individual involvement for every client
  • Establish easy cooperation across customers, representatives, agents and retail partners
  • Benefit on Salesforce mobile, empower field agents with digital tools to excel in their job
✦ Customers and Partners Community
✦ Community Portal for Customers
✦ Automating Sales Process
Healthcare industry
CRM #1 of the world, properly tailored for healthcare challenges
  • Lead each patient across individual care journey
  • Cooperate within the global healthcare environment
  • Implement intellectual, immediate insights to achieve trust
  • Speed up conversion, registration, support and digital transformation
✦ Patients Scheduling System
✦ Marketing Cloud Pages
✦ Forecasting System

Transit from mass media to my media
  • Ensure mutually beneficial, personal relations with each customer
  • Set up close client partnership with vivid, attractive content
  • Arrange effective customer interactions with mobile applications and tools
  • Simplify collaboration, reporting progress and feedback exchange for internal teams
  • Operate subscriptions, modify and explore content, edit profiles and more
✦ PayPal Integration
✦ Custom Appointments Page
✦ Community Web Pages
Produce smarter customer success in innovative way
  • Optimize your sales and increase profits with configure, price, quote functionality
  • Establish individual service with real-time availability of crucial customer data
  • Build partner community and implement your sales and service activities
  • Achieve closer relations and drive progress with the Internet of Things
✦ Customer Community
✦ Service Checklists and Maintenance Instructions
✦ Metadata Translation Service
Reach out to your customers in totally re-invented way
  • Implement a complete overview of shoppers with data from multiple sources
  • Increase sales with individual proposals — online and offline
  • Tool up sales reps with client shopping history on mobile gadgets
  • Make more intelligent decisions basing on combined multi-channel information
✦ Complicated Synchronization
✦ Sophisticated Loyalty System
✦ Sales Management System Upgrade
Travel & Hospitality
Make the straight route to excellence for your clients
  • Deliver individual guest experience at every connection point
  • Provide customized service via all channels and properties
  • Make tailored timely proposals to guests
  • Raise conversion and customer engagement with marketing automation
✦ Data Migration to Salesforce
✦ Automation of Trip Reserving
✦ Integration
Be your customers' favourite bank
  • Provide accessible services that your clients enjoy, without delays or queues, via any gadget
  • Establish closer partnership with brokers and clients
  • Deepen your relationships with customers and lead them to their goals
  • Simplify loan origination and processes
✦ Refinement of Financial Accounting
✦ Technical Support of Existing Salesforce Implementation
High effectiveness with the government cloud by Salesforce
  • Speed up vision delivery with innovations and discover new capabilities
  • Forget about legacy IT systems and expensive infrastructure maintenance
  • Keep pace with industrial best practices including FedRAMP
  • Tool up your team with open, speedy and handy development solution
Life Sciences
Enter the new era of medicine with digital innovations
  • Boost the performance of sales teams, anytime, from anywhere
  • Achieve closer engagement with patients, physicians and partners with new experiences
  • Provide immediate individual service and support
  • Get access to detailed databases of any scale and complexity — on the go
  • Keep agile and flexible to be aligned with up-to-date trends
✦ Scientific Processes Automation
✦ Scheduled File Transfer System
✦ Timesheet Application
World leading CRM tailored for nonprofits
  • Achieve full overview customer, supporter, member, volunteer and affiliate cooperation
  • Cooperate between all participants to help give more
  • Benefit on social media to manage costs effectively and speed up hitting goals
  • Connect internal and external communities to strengthen influence
✦ Employees Community
✦ System for Administering Parking Facilities
Wealth Management
Great new advantage for advisors
  • Compose a single image of the customer, integrated with best wealth management tech partners
  • Provide individual recommendations powered up with smart customer insights
  • Explore the new space of opportunities using visual relationship schemes
  • Raise advisor performance with interconnected dashboards
✦ Massive Duplicates Handling System
✦ Revenue and Cost Allocation System
Consumer Goods
Raise efficiency with CRM#1 of the World
  • Timely deliver the needed products to the right stores
  • Make smarter decisions in sales, promotion and retail execution management
  • Nurture leads, reach out to prospects and convert buyers into regular clients
  • Create applications that help clients, buyers and teammates
✦ Configurator of Intelligent Houses
✦ Refactoring of e-Shop Pages
Look at the advantages provided by world leader in CRM
  • Overcome client expectations with AI-driven platform tailored for the digitally advanced insurer
  • Tool up representatives to work effectively with smart service request prioritization
  • Timely interactions with policyholders from any gadget with no delays
  • Provide self-service capabilities for policyholders to stay connected and keep calm

Salesforce Industry Solutions by Twistellar

Every business niche is quite unique, and so do their companies' software needs and requirements. This is especially true for customer relationship management systems, as the specifics of company-client relationships vary from one industry domain to another. Salesforce caters to the needs of businesses from the full range of industries, but since each company is not like any other, some might still require the development of a custom solution, delicate customizations to the org or integration with third-party applications.

As a leading Salesforce solutions provider, Twistellar delivers advanced Salesforce customization and development solutions tailored to the needs of specific business domains. Since its inception, our team has provided highly personalized SF industry-specific solutions. Through them, we help our customers uncover the full potential of Salesforce and empower them with numerous capabilities, allowing them to gain a competitive edge and reinforce their relationships with clients.

SF Custom Industry Solutions

Whether you need help with Salesforce implementation, interface customization and configuration based on your industry specifics, development of a custom solution for your entire business or its single department, Twistellar will be eager to give you a hand. Our team is a registered Salesforce solutions provider, boasting numerous Salesforce certifications, as well as dozens of successful projects in its portfolio.

Benefits of Salesforce Solutions by Twistellar

Expertise with multiple industry domains
Certified Salesforce partner
10+ years experience in Salesforce consulting
Available 24/7 to clients across the globe

Do you have an industry-specific project in mind?

Entrust Twistellar with your solution's development
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