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Great Customer Service and Optimal Architectural Solutions

Deep Business Expertise
Our Salesforce Consulting Practice is based on prior 15-year background of leading real sector companies. Uniting technical and real business skills, we'll provide you with maximal real value of Cloud Solutions.
Flexible Reasonable Pricing
We're always on the customer's side in budget-related matters. We're focused on long-term partnership with your company, and are always aimed at finding proper cost-effective approaches.
Highest Quality Standards
10+ years of experience as a Salesforce consulting partner, allows us to deliver purely structured, well-commented code, ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.
Available for contact 24x7
Twistellar consulting company is located in Europe, which leaves us 4−8 hours for daily interaction with business partners from Europe, US and Asia. Our project managers respond to your inquiries even on weekends.

Technical Services for Salesforce-using Companies

  • Create buttons and controlling elements where you need them
  • Combine and visualize data in charts, graphs, dynamic tables and schemes
  • Build custom Lightning components with modern UI
  • Create wizards for most popular action sequences
  • Create SFDC infrastructure, import and display any data
  • Tailor handy custom reports with no limitations
  • Set up easy data export in multiple forms
  • Automate and schedule intelligence processing operations
  • Help to select expandable and reliable cloud solutions
  • Develop integrations with third party software
  • Create technical specifications
  • Conduct structural audit for org optimizations
  • Review and optimize the existing code, fix bugs
  • Conduct QA sessions with written result reports
  • Provide online technical support with agreed level of service
  • Create documentation for existing code
  • Provide engineering, design and project works
  • Conduct full development cycle of native SF applications
  • Create SF-based mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Construct, deploy and support managed packages

Our Projects

About Twistellar Salesforce Consulting Company

As top quality Salesforce development partners, we provide the full range of professional Salesforce-related services, helping companies of different size and from a variety of industry domains streamline their customer interactions. Here at Twistellar, our specialists have over 6 years of experience in delivering exceptional Salesforce development, customization and optimization solutions.
It's no secret that Salesforce is a constantly evolving customer relationship management system, introducing various innovations to its clients, such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and more. As a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner, Twistellar's team keeps pace with these trends and offers its customers state-of-the-art visual analytics solutions and Lightning-ready applications, as well as component customizations and third-party integrations.

Whether you need a Salesforce consulting company to conduct technical audit of your company's org, scope your custom application development project, optimize your org or integrate it with a third-party software, you'll find the Salesforce partner you are looking for in Twistellar.
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