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Technical Audit and Support

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Technical Audit and Support

Why Is It Important?

There's a huge difference of behavior between a Salesforce org that's properly set up and further administered by a professional, and an org that's managed and operated perfunctorily, by a Salesforce newbie.
A well-tuned org is easily distinguished:
  • its infrastructure is clear and optimal
  • all applications run perfectly with no errors or exceptions
  • all background processes are well adjusted with no internal conflicts
  • all functionality is reasonably and sufficiently test-covered
All that makes day-to-day operations smooth, installation of third party applications easy and quick, and development of custom applications cost-effective and simple.
An org that lacks care may cause problems:
  • unpredictable malfunctioning
  • slow performance
  • floating errors in hardly reproducible cases
  • internal conflicts of background processe
Such state of an org usually hinders development of new functionality, makes user experience quite uncomfortable and lowers user adoption.
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Why Order Technical Support Services from Twistellar?

Twistellar is always willing to offer Salesforce consulting services dedicated to helping you diagnose a particular Salesforce org, work out a plan of its restoration.
If needed — prepare the documentation for internal processes and data scheme, and make all needed fixes and patches to quickly get the org in its best possible shape.
And we know what we're doing — we've successfully recovered multiple problematic orgs, including one of the most complicated Salesforce instances in the world.

What Do Our Technical Audit Services Include?

That work usually consists of four steps:
Technical Code Review
This stage is conducted by a high-level Salesforce specialist, an architect or a top level senior Salesforce developer, and it provides a detailed overview of the existing code, technologies being used, accordance of the code architecture to the industrial best practices and patterns. The result is usually a list of critical issues, fixing real problems, and recommendations of Salesforce optimization adjustments, ensuring easy expansion of the org's functionality in future.
Infrastructure Analysis
This step is even more general overview of an org, conducted by an architect. A Salesforce expert investigates the internal structure of the org and its components, and provides recommendations of architectural optimization — from changing the data scheme and engaging of certain Salesforce solutions, to improving the use of third party applications or even substituting certain vendors for better efficiency. Of course, certain Salesforce configuration may be provided here.
Existing Apps Improvement
That actually concerns Salesforce custom development. Upon customer's approval, the existing Salesforce applications may be reworked and optimized for better performance. In some complicated cases, which most often are the legacy of previous unlucky choice of outsourcing partners, Twistellar offers to rewrite certain existing functionality from scratch, if that helps a customer to save budget for Salesforce customization.
Common Unit Testing
It is the process of professional test coverage, ensuring that the functionality blocks are covered separately, and that further expansion of the org won't meet any unsuspected blockers. And of course, properly written test classes provide additional quality control of the code.

Our Projects

We participated in full scale Salesforce implementation in a world leading company, providing audit and support for all Salesforce customization.
We analyzed, planned and conducted the improvement of existing Salesforce implementation, with optimal results achieved.
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The Next Thing to Do

Being a professional Salesforce developing partner, Twistellar is involved in versatile Salesforce projects of different complexity all over the world. We'll be happy to offer our Salesforce Audit services to define the guideline of your Salesforce org optimization and expansion.

Just send us a note — and we'll be there to support you.
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