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Salesforce Custom Applications Development

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Salesforce Custom Applications Development

Why Is It Important?

On the development phase of a project, when project requirements are well clarified and the proper architecture is already defined, building a custom Salesforce app seems to become a quite straightforward task.
However, it’s crucial that coding of a Salesforce project is conducted by a reliable app development company, as proper implementation of the desired functionality ensures the application’s scalability and easy maintenance in future.
And on the contrary, even if the code seems to be working fine for now, if it’s not clear enough, or hard-coding is used, in future it may be hard to understand the code, adjust it, or further expand the functionality.
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Get a custom app from a Twistellar Salesforce expert

Twistellar always strictly follows the industry’s best practices and code guidelines, and delivers well-commented and clearly structured Salesforce solutions which will not require code review or rework in future. And this will allow the code to be easily read and modified by any developer, not only Twistellar.

What Does Custom Applications Development Include

Usually, Salesforce applications development services may relate to one of the following jobs:
This stage covers a wide range of services, dedicated to expanding the existing functionality, automating business processes, improving UI and customizing the software to meet the requirements of a particular company. Twistellar masters all technologies related to Salesforce, and is able to create cost-effective front-end and back-end solutions of any scale and complexity, including third-party integrations.
This job stands for creation and maintenance of Managed Packages distributed via AppExchange. Twistellar team is able not only to build nice-looking and perfectly functioning code, but also to ensure that it’s created in strict compliance with security requirements, so that it will smoothly pass security review and will be allowed to get published on AppExchange.
Сreation of technical docs is an important step of building a full-scale application. Not only does it help the customer to get familiar with the implemented functionality and its settings, or to teach their employees to use the application, but in future it’s really valuable for further improvements and expansions. It preserves the same data scheme and saves time for future investigation of the existing app’s structure and functionality.
That stage is quite a demanding part of Salesforce custom app development, as it usually deals with automated processing (creating, modifying, deleting) of the customer’s commercial information in large batches. So, a professional approach to that tasks ensures not only cautious handling of crucial data, but also predicts and prevents potential internal conflicts which might result in certain scripts malfunctioning in future.
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Twistellar is able to provide full-scale Salesforce application development, ensuring that not only the requested functionality works fine, but also its scalability and easy maintenance in future. As we have successfully provided Salesforce-related services to companies all over the world, we've got enough experience to handle the most demanding tasks and will be happy to help.

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