DASH: Twistellar Team has created the native Salesforce App to boost your Lightning navigation with interactive real-time data visualization

• Date: December 2018 •
Accelerate your business growth
We're all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Twistellar in 2018, and our latest honor gives us even more reason to celebrate. We are so excited to announce our first Salesforce native app. Dash app - interactive charts for Lightning.
The BETA-package is ready and you can install it on sandbox or dev-orgs. We are offering the Dash app (beta-packages) for free for 30 days.
Trusted by known brands worldwide, Twistellar is continuously working to provide the best and exclusive service.
We offer an alternative, faster and simpler way of doing the same operations that clients use through Salesforce, every day.
DASH represents data in standards and custom objects in nice-looking bars and donuts, for instance - opportunities of an account.
With just one click on a needed opportunity, you open the charts of opportunity product. And then you can dive in a product and get a distribution of a product between accounts in your org. And straight from any level of your pipeline in DASH app you can easily modify and input new data.

DASH wraps itself to let you easily navigate through your data. How? It has dynamic interfaces to automatically interact with few layers of nested object relations. Let it build and show a list of childs for your main records you want to report on, and just click on what you want to see – DASH will prepare and display few layers of related child records with filtering and configurable reporting. And you don't need to prepare any report types or spend time for building standard reports.
Dmitri Leichik CEO Twistellar
Dmitri Leichik
CEO Twistellar

The Benefits of Having DASH app
app is natively built on Salesforce
DASH app is natively built on Salesforce – it doesn't depend on any external tools. Your data is handled right here and right now: no API calls, no issues with data selection, no long synchronous sequences!
Salesforce Lightning components
DASH app is implemented as a bundle of interacting Salesforce Lightning components. You can easily use Salesforce App Builder for configuring your views: it can be embedded to any place of your record details view and can even be used in your existing custom developments!
Salesforce objects
We want to underline that DASH not only works with standard Salesforce objects, that are available for everybody but also with as so-called custom Salesforce objects, meaning that the customer has the power to regulate data display by himself, thus guaranteeing great individualization.

custom dashboards for salesforce
This is innovative interface for Salesforce, representing standard and custom objects in convenient and comprehensive graphical way. Totally dynamic, modern and clickable - the best way to drive your Salesforce! Ideal for creating custom dashboards.

Start to use DASH app and forget about tabs and entangled Lightning navigation that spend a lot of your time! Visualize your data with amazing charts for Salesforce Lightning.
DASH app saves your time for updating CRM information and provides meaningful insights for your sales figures.
Salesforce Lightning app dash
Twistellar is a proud Salesforce subcontractor
with dozens of successful projects behind its bank.
It has unrivaled expertise in Salesforce consulting and development, as well as projects auditing and technical support. We will eagerly assist you in your Salesforce AI undertakings, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to your business.
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