Partnership Announcement: Twistellar and Campaign Audience Builder

• Date: June 2023 •
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Twistellar, a leading Salesforce consulting firm based in Denmark, has announced a new partnership with LightBlaze, a German SaaS provider that offers an advanced Salesforce segmentation solution, Campaign Audience Builder, on Salesforce AppExchange.
Its user-friendly interface and powerful functions, such as Cross-Object Filter, Audience Scheduling, and Campaign Cleansing, allow companies to leverage all Salesforce data with point-and-click, automate the segmentation process, and integrate audiences into marketing tools like MCAE (Pardot) and Marketing Cloud.
This partnership will allow both companies to provide even more value for customers by uniting progressive tools and in-depth consulting expertise.
Through Twistellar's and CAB's combined efforts, businesses from various industries will be able to increase Salesforce ROI, improve operational efficiency, and apply best practices in their everyday flows.
  • Alexander Schares
    CEO & Co-Founder at Campaign Audience Builder, Salesforce Consultant
    We've managed so many Salesforce projects through the years, from 1 user to thousands of users, from Non Profit Organisations to Large Enterprise Companies. And in nearly every project there came the time where we got requirements regarding segmentation, that often sounded easy, but weren't covered by standard capabilities.

    As a result there were hacky workarounds and lots of manual work. So we decided to end all this and provide the perfect tool to cover it. With Twistellar, we now have a new, strong consulting partner that can also help our clients to make the most of Salesforce and help their clients to solve everything related to segmentation.
  • Thomas Hobel
    CEO at Twistellar Europe
    Salesforce is all about data. But growth comes only when you know how to leverage it. That's why we're excited to partner with CAB that provides an effective solution for segmenting audiences and getting the most out of customer data for personalized outreach and scaling possibilities.

    We would be happy to bring in our Salesforce expertise for both Twistellar's and CAB's customers to help them reach their sales and marketing objectives.
  • About Twistellar:
    Twistellar is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and AI Solutions Provider with the HQ office in Denmark, working with customers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Deep technical expertise and business experience allow Twistellar to bring forward creative and tailored solutions of architectural and budget optimization, ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.

    More info:
  • About Campaign Audience Builder:
    LightBlaze is a SaaS provider from Germany, offering Campaign Audience Builder, an advanced Salesforce segmentation tool.

    CAB is a native and easy-to-use tool allowing you to create even the most complex audiences within a minute using point-and-click.

    The results are less time spent on audience generation, no more technical limitations in terms of complexity and functionality, fewer dependencies between your marketing/sales and the IT department. Precisely targeted campaigns can result in higher conversion rates, and more revenue per campaign.

    More info:
Twistellar's team has carried out a number of industry-oriented projects and we are always open to discuss yours!
Chief Executive Officer at Twistellar Europe

Our deep understanding of Salesforce platform ensures successful handling of projects in any domain
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