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• Date: June 2019 •
Get the powerful Native App DASH and Build Your Salesforce Dashboard!
Fresh, Pretty, Easy-to-Use.
Tired of working with data tables?
Ever noticed how many clicks you're making to get to the needed place in your system in Lightning?
Need flexibility and personalization?
Do you feel as if your business is encountering a few of the listed challenges above?
Forget about tabs and entangled Lightning navigation that spends a lot of your time! We offer an alternative, faster and simpler way of doing the same operations that you use through Salesforce, every day.

Not that long ago we announced our new DASH App. This is native Salesforce App for visualization of Salesforce's data from standard and custom objects in clickable dynamic charts. It doesn't depend on any external tools: no API calls, no issues with data selection, no long synchronous sequences! And it can be embedded anywhere in Salesforce.

And now we're happy to announce that DASH App has received great reviews from Salesforce, recently went through security review and you can get it using AppExchange.

Whether you're collaborating with a great amazing distributed team from different offices all over the world or overseeing a small group at a startup - you need useful tools to make your decisions quickly by definition. Convert Team KPIs to Company KPIs with DASH! Imagine that all your Sales processes have a personal assistant. DASH is exclusively designed to do just that!
Interactive Charts for Standard and Custom Objects Display and Navigation

Power up your sales operation!

Create powerful dashboards, quick and easy

Absolute Individualization

No coding
DASH helps you to be able to view all your metrics in one convenient place. We want to underline that DASH not only works with standard Salesforce objects, that are available for everybody but also with as so-called custom Salesforce objects, meaning that the customer has the power to regulate data display by himself, thus guaranteeing full individualization.
What Problems Will DASH App Solve?
It solves two tasks: comfortable, straight display of complex tabular information, which, on the first side allows faster response to the information shown on the screen, on the other hand, it is straightly comparing the data, so, it also receives extra quality control decisions based on the data. And yet, as these are interactive charts, it allows to execute easy, comfortable and fast navigation inside Salesforce, guaranteeing higher efficiency, high simplicity and more comfort compared to lightning.

As for the client - it means, that same operations of transferring charts to different types inside the system are done faster, the work time is being saved and the general opinion about Salesforce also becomes better.
8 facts make DASH App the best for management, marketing and sales

You can conduct work from any device and browser. It's safe and works stable on any browsers anywhere where it can - so, full compatibility with mobile devices is also applied.
This is the innovative interface for Salesforce, representing standard and custom sales pipeline object inconvenient and comprehensive graphical way. Totally dynamic, modern and clickable. Ideal for creating custom dashboards.
Navigation within the DASH App environment is smooth and frictionless, helping you speed up your processes such as updating CRM information.

DASH helps you to be able to view all your metrics in one place.
You're not always at the office yet you need to be able to access your information all the time. With DASH App, you can perform all your tasks using your mobile device, and work from any device and browser.
You indicate which objects need to be visualized, which fields on the object need to be calculated, and which kind of grouping needs to be applied for easier data comprehension.
Same operation of transferring charts to different types inside the system are done faster, the work time is being saved and the general opinion about Salesforce also becomes better.
Pretty pipeline charts.
You will receive the next benefits

Faster Navigation
Optimized For Mobile Platforms
No Need For External Integrations and Libraries
Comprehending Data Has Never Been This Easy
Build your Salesforce Dashboard quickly and easily
Embedded charts to display data and navigate Lightning in a new way!
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