Clutch Awards Twistellar As Denmark's BEST Salesforce Consultant for 2022

• Date: February 2022 •
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Our Team is our main asset. We're proud that we've managed to unite a squad of open-minded professionals who love their job. We'll gently handle any mutual Salesforce-related challenges, and you'll feel the difference.
At Twistellar, we process your data with the most updated machine-learning techniques in customer behaviour prediction to help you gain a maximum of your CRM investments.
It has come to our attention that Clutch names us the best Salesforce Consultant in Denmark. Clutch is a well-known platform dedicated to help businesses connect with reliable service providers.
To be eligible for a Clutch Leader Award, companies need to provide an incredibly high-quality service to their clients, and our team appreciates this recognition.
  • Thomas Hobel
    Chief Commercial Officer at Twistellar
    Trust and transparency are our core values, reflected in our customer and partner relationships. And we are truly honoured to back up these principles with this award. It will help our team accelerate further our growth, partner, and client network to support more businesses in their digital transformation journey.
We are grateful to our clients for their continued support and trust, and we are especially thankful to those who took the time to leave us a review on our Clutch profile. Here's what they have to say about working with us:
If you need a Salesforce consulting company to conduct a technical audit of your business, scope your project, develop and optimize your solution, or integrate it with third-party software, Twistellar will be a great fit. Contact us now.
CEO, Co-founder of Twistellar

Our deep understanding of Salesforce platform ensures successful handling of projects in any domain
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