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We'll walk over the most often used sections of the Salesforce ecosystem, demonstrating how its structure can lower system maintenance costs and how to make it a native-like extension of solution enablers for your business.
Salesforce is the no.1 CRM for many reasons. One of the most important is its flexibility leading to endless customization opportunities. We will uncover what business processes can be optimized with Salesforce to help you work out your implementation path.
Ready for digital transformation?
Co-founder, CTO at Twistellar
Serge Koczanowski
He founded Twistellar, a rocket Salesforce consulting company that grew from 0 to 70+ people in 3.5 years. Serge shares his knowledge of Salesforce best practices, non-trivial Salesforce solutions, and masters integration techniques with customers across the globe.
Serge Koczanowski is a proven Salesforce guru with more than 8 years of experience in handling the most complicated Salesforce projects in the world, as an architect and a solution consultant.
Meet the Speaker
Clever ways to manage licenses & pricing
Success stories: get the most out of the platform
Types of Salesforce Clouds and their purposes
How Salesforce fits into the existing IT landscape
Things you'll learn:
Salesforce Owners / Professionals
IT Asset Managers
Commercial Directors
Business Owners
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