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Project Summary

PaaS provider,
Total Employee
Sales Team
All data in Salesforce
Quotes generated X2 faster
Disconnected data sources
Long sales cycle
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Project insights from the NGENIX team

  • Kirill Salov
    Sales Director
    We realized that Sculptor was a fit after the demo. By customizing the pricing rules and the interface, we can do many of the things that solve our initial requests.

    We use many parts of the product not in the way they were originally intended, like, for instance, bundles as a basis for forming dependencies between products.

    There was no illusion that we would easily switch to a new flow. Our teams may suffer from a withdrawal syndrome, but they understand the usefulness of the solution in the long run, especially the fact that they don't have to keep everything in sync with spreadsheets all the time.

    Now generating quotes is twice as fast, and we can represent ourselves as brand ambassadors not only of Salesforce but also Sculptor CPQ.

About client

NGENIX is a leading PaaS and Cloud provider. Thanks to the NGENIX distributed cloud platform, online businesses gain access to an audience of over 100 million people.
The company has been operating for 14 years. The company's PaaS solutions involve many variables, complicated tariffication, and multiple systems of discounts.
NGENIX has been relying on Salesforce to optimize its business processes including the automation of document generation - commercial offers in PDF, orders, contracts, and additional agreements.
Along with the integration of Salesforce with the client's account, the team was satisfied with the flow. However, sales people still relied on spreadsheets when it came to quote configuration.
CDN and Telecom Product Configuration
NGENIX turned to Twistellar on the lookout for a tool that would deal with quote generation automation on the Salesforce Platform without overcomplicating the system and ruining the existing flows

Roadblocks to efficient operations

Several pain points made NGENIX look for a CPQ solution:
Ineffective use of the sales team time
The management tries to cut down on time-consuming mundane tasks, as the cost of an hour of an IT specialist is high.
As the proposals were calculated and formed with the help of several systems (Excel, Salesforce), the team saw room for its optimization. Spreadsheets were efficient enough to solve the problem of complex tariffs, additional discounts, and special prices to be applied by managers or directors.
However, managers spent too much time calculating line item prices and discounts in spreadsheets, then manually filling the same data in the CRM and registering the price with the required discount/margin.
Disjointed systems
All the data of the past deals was kept in spreadsheets, while the CRM was used to keep a view of the customer story. When it came to dealing with accounts for further upsell, it was hard to track the original price and conditions, which involved a lot of additional communication.
Data management
Every quarter the company analyzes the cost price and introduces new tariffs with the old ones kept archived in spreadsheets.
CPQ introduces logic into the maintenance of price lists as they can be left archived or valid, which means you can track changes and save contract prices accordingly.

Why Sculptor?

It was important not to overcomplicate the existing Salesforce instance. NGENIX had tested other CPQ solutions, but those seemed hard to configure and required additional maintenance.
With Sculptor, NGENIX saw potential in its straightforward design and customizable pricing rules and bundles, accompanied by a team supporting its implementation and maintenance.
Basic Sculptor implementation doesn't require additional support. Thanks to its intuitive logic and design, teams can install and configure Sculptor with ease on their own. However, due to the complexity of the NGENIX's existing salesflow, Twistellar's team joined to help implement the solution.
After the demo of Sculptor CPQ, the Twistellar team worked closely with the client to obtain a full picture of the existing workflows and services. Sculptor CPQ had to be configured and customized to the client's business needs.
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The results: clear products structure, accurate quotes supporting existing efficient sales operations

Configure Price Quote for Telecom and CDN operators
Accelerated search and fewer mistakes — increased efficiency
Automated bundles help accelerate search and create tailored offers. Bundles now represent service configuration packages with a multiple choice of all compatible services and resources. Special rules created for resources minimize the risks of mistakes of forgetting an add-on.
Optimized sales flow in one system — Salesforce
Sculptor is Salesforce native, so synced opportunity quotes, price books, and orders lead to an optimized sales flow with no need to switch between apps. Price books can now be active or archived, so all sales reps have the same view of the customer story.
Increased Visibility
All the data is kept in one system. Salesforce generates its reports, which allows collecting statistics for further analysis and prognosis.
Twistellar's team has carried out a number of industry-oriented projects and we are always open to discuss yours!
CEO, Co-founder of Twistellar

Our deep understanding of Salesforce platform ensures successful handling of projects in any domain
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