Sales Cloud Implementation
For A Fintech Company

• Date: January 2023 •
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
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Subaio is a Danish fintech company founded in 2016 offering a white-label SaaS subscription management and recurring payment solution directly in a bank's online or mobile ecosystem that provides personalized and detailed information aimed directly at the consumer.

At its core, Subaio is a data company seeking to improve the financial health of consumers while helping banks leverage their data to unlock new revenue streams. Subaio strives to provide simple solutions to complex financial questions. Subaio's customer list includes some of the most innovative banks in the Nordics and the rest of Europe, with global growth aspirations in the very near future!
  • Salesforce Implementation
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  • Data Migration

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As a software development company, the focus at the beginning of Subaio's growth was set on product development. At the end of 2021, the team expanded their commercial presence by hiring a new Commercial leader, quickly followed by new BDR and Sales departments.
The BDR team is responsible for taking inbound leads and doing outreach, and needs a good way to manage the process of lead management. However, their legacy CRM system in its existing setup couldn't support the new type of business and commercial approach and interactions.
The Sales team needs to have an easy and complete handover process from the BDR team, and be able to quickly and easily manage their pipeline and opportunities moved through the sales cycle.
The Finance and Management teams need to have full overviews of the commercial activities, with easy and insightful reporting into the sales pipeline.
Subaio is entering a hypergrowth period where it's expecting ARR to grow significantly in the upcoming quarters, and Subaio wanted to make sure that the CRM could support this growth period.
Before the project, members of the commercial team had used Salesforce in previous companies, and were familiar and comfortable with the tool. Subaio assessed the options of starting from scratch in Salesforce, rebuilding their legacy CRM, or choosing another tool, in the end the team chose on Salesforce.


The simple goal of the project was to make the sales and internal handover processes easier. This included having a full understanding of every step of the sales process for the Commercial team, the Management team, and the Financial team. Salesforce fit all the requirements.
When the implementation phase began, Subaio's team turned to a Salesforce AE who recommended Twistellar. After an initial call with a proposal from Twistellar, Subaio had the following feedback:
We were impressed by Dmitri, Twistellar's CEO, from a technical point of view. He was able to describe the project, and how he sees it very well. The written proposal was also very good and thorough. We really got a lot of comfort from the beginning with Twistellar, so honestly, it was a pretty easy decision.

Scope and Process

From the initial kick-off call to the system go-live, the project took seven weeks.
There were several BA sessions in the beginning to ensure the Twistellar team was aware of the business specifics and the expected outcome of the project. Then the Twistellar team translated the business requirements into technical specifications and deployed the solution.
The project management was flexible. There were demos along the way, and new requirements were collected while the configuration was happening. It all allowed for delivering the project on time in spite of a hard deadline.
There were 1-2 sessions with the whole team to see the end solution, and there weren't any suggestions from our side. I guess it's a good thing as you guys did exactly what we needed.
The onboarding with the system went very smoothly, due to the fact that many in the team already had experience with Salesforce.


As a result, Twistellar helped to formalize and perform the migration of the sales flows into Salesforce.

Outcomes and implemented solutions:

1. Data migration of Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities from legacy CRM to Salesforce. An additional challenge was to migrate from a many-to-many data model in previous CRM to one-to-many in Salesforce. We've created an effective custom solution to handle that and save all the records' relationship connections in Salesforce.
2. We've built a brand new sales pipeline from Lead creation to Opportunity Closed Won with the Subaio team. Salesforce's view on the Lead and Opportunity lifecycle helped Subaio to change their business processes to be more effective and efficient.
3. Besides, custom validations on Lead and Opportunity, which are related to the stages, help Subaio team to capture all the important data at the right time to keep the sales pipeline solid and aim focused.
4. We've implemented the integration with the Outreach platform to automatically sync Leads in Salesforce from there.
5. Integration with Slack helps Subaio to receive significant notifications about Lead creation, Events and Opportunity lifecycle. Besides, this integration helps to configure custom notifications for every particular record. Also, it helps to relate any messages from Slack to any record of Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity objects.
6. To sync in Salesforce all the mail and events related to Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities with Subaio's Google Suite, we've configured the Einstein Activity Capture solution, using User-by-User method, which suits Subaio's security policies.
7. Custom Opportunity dashboards on the Home page for every user help the whole Subaio team to get aligned with current pipelines, amounts, number of Opportunities, etc.
It feels like the system really fits for Subaio, so Salesforce and the work that Twistellar did made it possible to align the system with our business needs.


  • Financial Controller and Head of Staff, Internal Project Lead
    It was a very successful project. The work that Twistellar, especially Artem and the team, did was super professional. Always responsive, even after the go-live, you were providing responses and support within minutes (not even an hour) to the whole team who were shooting questions at you.

    I can't say enough about how well you guys communicated and the professionalism you showed. The "customer-first" approach that you guys take — that's how it should be and that's how it worked with Twistellar. Whenever we have consulting or implementation needs with Salesforce, you'll be my first call for sure.

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