Scientific processes automation

About project
An existing custom Salesforce page of scientific processes automation system needed to be redesigned for a nice Lightning look, and as it's functionality didn't work as it should, so this had to be fixed or reworked. Additionally, a big number of logic changes and interface improvements was required.
Initially the project has been started with modifications and improvements of existing functionality of a Salesforce page built by third party. Hardcode removal, controller modification, JS modifications and styling, along with debugging and QA were required. Further improvements were related to frontend and backend modifications. New pages and controllers were added as well as new reports with predefined exporting formats. Redesign and refactoring finalized the project.
Throughout several agile development iterations the system was finalized as stable, effective and comfortable-to-use solution.
Date: April 2017 ● Category: App Cloud
The team is very happy with your very responsive communication style so wanted to pass along the good feedback. This is definitely something that differentiates your company from others we work with, so I think you should continue to use it as a differentiator. Thanks.
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