Partnership Announcement: Twistellar and Asensus

• Date: May 2022 •
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Twistellar, a Global Salesforce Consultancy leader from Denmark, is glad to announce a strategic partnership with Asensus, a CRM integrated sales collaboration platform, which utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn unstructured sales meeting notes into deal winning insights.
Both Twistellar and Asensus help companies maximize their Salesforce ROI thanks to creating efficient and optimized business flows. Joining our efforts will reveal even more untapped opportunities for our clients' to upscale.
Asensus unlocks the most critical yet under-utilised data source available in every business – your sales team! By providing a flexible, CRM integrated mobile and desktop application, senior decision makers are equipped with a continually updated 360-degree SWOT analysis on their business and have stronger indicators to predict future pipeline.
Twistellar will now provide new and existing Asensus's customers with Salesforce expertise to optimize and implement any data-driven business processes and the centralization of 3rd party systems in Salesforce.
  • Paul Smillie
    We're delighted to partner with Twistellar and deliver an optimized CRM experience to the B2B industry. The B2B sales cycle can be lengthy and complex, with multiple key stakeholder involvement. Therefore, the need for an efficient and transparent internal sales process is essential.

    Twistellar has great technical and business experience with Salesforce as well as a proven methodology in delivering a user-friendly and efficient CRM experience for their clients. This combined with the CRM integrated Asensus platform, will deliver the transparency and key market indicators businesses need to remain at the forefront of their respective industries.
  • Thomas Hobel
    Chief Commercial Officer at Twistellar
    Optimizing sales processes is the most essential step in any automation project that aims at boosting business growth. Our team always searches for ways to make sales in Salesforce not only an efficient source of qualified leads, but also the one providing valuable customer insights.

    That's why we are happy to partner with Asensus, an innovative sales collaboration platform that makes any sales team equipped with all it takes to make their CRM interaction optimized and data-driven.
  • About Twistellar:
    Twistellar is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and AI Solutions Provider with the HQ office in Denmark, working with customers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Deep technical expertise and business experience allow us to bring forward creative and tailored solutions of architectural and budget optimization ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.

    More info:
  • About Asensus:
    Asensus is a CRM integrated sales collaboration platform, which utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn unstructured CRM data, such as sales meeting notes, into deal winning insights.

    A live window on the CRM: Asensus dashboards aggregate all meeting content on a single dashboard view, providing sales leaders with a live view on what is hot and happening in the market.

    Asensus utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to bring your data to life: Our AI powered dashboards aggregate product and competitor content as well as highlight key market trends and indicators of future pipeline.

    Reducing CRM admin by up to 30%: Asensus workflows streamline the way the sales team interact with the CRM, whilst ensuring all meeting notes and follow up actions are structured and easily accessible.

    More info:
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