Partnership Announcement: Twistellar and Contractbook

• Date: February 2023 •
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Twistellar, a top-tier global Salesforce consulting firm based in Denmark, is happy to announce a partnership with Contractbook, a cloud-based contract management tool that enables businesses with 11 to 1,000 employees to create, share and store contracts and legal documents. Version control, templates, milestone tracking, and adjustable document approval workflows are some of the key features.
Users of Contractbook can construct contracts with pre-built templates and submit them to one or more recipients with legally valid digital signatures by using the pre-built templates that are available to them. Additionally, Contractbook allows for the connection of a number of third-party applications, including Dropbox, HubSpot, Google Drive, Salesforce, and others.
From this point forward, Twistellar will offer Salesforce consulting, customization, implementation, and development services to Contractbook customers in order to enhance their business operations and optimize the complete flow.
  • Per Allin
    Head of Partnerships Growth, Contractbook
    Salesforce is complex, but when used properly, it unlocks even more value within Contractbook. You can sync all your contract data seamlessly with your CRM. That's why we're so excited to partner with Twistellar to help people improve their data integrity across their tech stack.
  • Thomas Hobel
    CEO, Twistellar Europe
    Every company, large or small, benefits from automating contract administration. It allows for time savings and eliminates the risk of document loss. Additionally, you may obtain an overview of all contracts, which expedites the sales process.

    We hope that, along with Contractbook, we will be able to deliver the utmost benefit to both our customers, enhancing their business operations and ensuring scalability.

  • About Twistellar:
    Twistellar is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and AI Solutions Provider with the HQ office in Denmark, working with customers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Deep technical expertise and business experience allow us to bring forward creative and tailored solutions of architectural and budget optimization ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.

    More info:
  • About Contractbook:
    Contractbook provides contract management software that enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage the entire contract lifecycle in a single, fully automated flow.

    Make sure all your data is flawless across your systems with native integrations with Salesforce, Slack, QuickBooks, and the rest of your tech stack.

    More info:
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Chief Executive Officer at Twistellar Europe

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