Sales Cloud UX and UI Enhancement for a Leader in Sustainable E-Commerce

• Date: July 2022 •
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
SproutWorld is a Danish leader in the sustainable e-commerce field, holding the global patent for 'writing tools you can plant'. To date, the company has sold more than 50 mil. Sprout plantable pencils and makeup pencils in over 80 countries, collaborating with such world-leading brands as IKEA, Porsche, and Coca-Cola.
Improved Flows
  • Salesforce Audit
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Configuration


Since the products are sold both to B2B and individual customers B2C, with various pricing policies depending on the country and additional customizations, the sales process has to be streamlined and easy for Sales Managers to control.
SproutWorld uses Salesforce Sales Cloud for managing inquiries from their website and other sales activities, including customized reporting.
The current setup was full of outdated information and unused functionality, hindering sales operations, so the company turned to Twistellar's team for audit and Salesforce customization services.


SproutWorld offers a range of options for their products, including logo engraving or color printing, so the customer experience has to be flexible enough to satisfy all customer needs for personalization. Every client (B2B or individual B2C) can use the configurator on their website to choose the needed customization, seed, and quantity.
Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Sales Managers then receive and distribute orders in the CRM, send tailored price lists, communicate with customers about the status of their orders, and generate reports.
We customized the Salesforce interface to the clients' needs to make it convenient for working with inquiries; sorted out the current data to optimize the reporting process; expanded the current data model, and built new attributes to facilitate pipeline management and activity tracking.

Scope and Process

Twistellar started the project by analyzing the current sales flow and business needs to find the best way to customize their Salesforce solution. After conducting a system audit and aligning with the SproutWorld team all the necessary improvements and ETA, we started the customization process that included the following:
  • Removing unnecessary elements in the interface: unused tabs, reports, and fields
  • Adding custom fields for tracking the pipeline
  • Customizing the functionality to fix the last activity on an order, such as sent letters, latest information from the client, recent actions
  • Automating the calculations and field completion at the order level, which made it possible to build relevant reports
The whole project, including communication and user onboarding, took approximately two weeks to complete.


As a result, SproutWorld sales team can benefit from a structured and clean interface, having all their sales processes streamlined and visualized with relevant real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Clean interface allows Sales Managers to reduce time spent on managing their inquires / leads and to onboard new users to the system much faster
  • Sales pipeline lets Sales Managers visualize where prospects are in the sales process and provides estimates of expected orders and revenue, facilitating forecasting and planning for growth
  • Thanks to the optimized data structure, SproutWorld team can now build relevant reports, such as lists of inquires / leads requiring attention, lists of new orders, and general analysis of orders by product, country and other parameters, for more efficient sales funnel management


  • CCO - Global Sales Director at SproutWorld
    Thanks a lot for making SF a great New CRM for us! The final output is both comprehensive and scalable, so our sales team can easily manage the solution with efficiency.

    We are especially thrilled with the easy overview and transparency of the following-up process, which is an important part of our customer journey. Twistellar's team consistently kept us updated on the project's progress, providing high-quality results and expertise.

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