• Date: October 2017 •
As a complex solution provider with plenty of benefits, Salesforce is the leader of CRM market. It’s quickly growing, implementing the latest technical innovations, Einstein for instance, that provide splendid opportunities for businesses.

However, we at Twistellar think that up until very recently, Salesforce suffered from an important disadvantage that hampered its adoption — its Classic UI. Being quite archaic, it doesn’t meet user expectations from a cloud platform’s user experience. So, we’re sure Lightning, the new user interface, is a very much demanded step forward, and we’re happy that almost all our recent projects are associated with Lightning.
But what if someone would like to get a way to interact with Salesforce and represent data in an even more attractive way (more beautiful, quick, simple) than Lightning? Is that possible? Twistellar’s reply is definite — YES!

We proudly present DASH — the new UI for Salesforce built by Twistellar Ltd. It’s an innovative way to display information, applicable to all types of Salesforce objects, providing real-time clickable graphs for users' convenience. Constructed 100% in Salesforce, DASH helps to quickly find requested information and avoid scrolling, being much more comprehensible than common Salesforce spreadsheets.

We estimated the performance of a user conducting day-to-day actions of a sales person — and it's twice faster to work in DASH than in Lightning!

According to our estimates, DASH allows boosting the everyday performance of a salesperson twice as compared to Lightning. Just imagine how many hours can be saved in a year throughout the entire organization!
We’re expecting hundreds of hours to be saved for just one sales person yearly, if he gets a means to expedite his use of Salesforce.
For those of you wondering whether it’s actually possible, here is a video showing Twistellar’s UI in action. Surely, the video is hardly the same as giving it a try yourself. Still, we’re sure that visualization of data is a major CRM UI trend, and we’re aiming at expanding DASH functionality.
DASH in action

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