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Customer service software designed to enhance customers satisfaction from support, inrcease loyalty and leads to more recurring purchases

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High level of customer service was always crucial, but during COVID-19 pandemic time, the strong customer relations based on high level of service and smooth collaboration (happening remotely in many cases) become even more vital!
of customers say good service makes them more likely to make another purchase*
of customers say the experience
a company provides is as important as its products and services*
of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience*
*the insights from the latest
"State of Service" and "State of the Connected Customer" investigations of Salesforce
While many companies successfully focus on delivering great products, they often have a field of improvement in customer service. According to the market study, 54% of Customers say companies need to transform how they engage with them!
The solution is there - Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful cloud platform that incorporates the most up-to-date technologies to ensure the best customer experience
Twistellar is founded by people with over 15 years of prior experience in the real sector of economy. We know a lot about customers' expectations and help leading companies to leverage Service Cloud and achieve the following improvements of Service.

Customer facing numerous challenges:

Self-Service capabilities - Help Center and Community Portals
Live Agents and AI-based Chatbots
Multi-channel Service Communications:
Telephony (CTI), Messengers, Email, SMS, Social Networks


Case Management - multi-channel capture, smart routing and timely resolution of customer inquiries
Customer Service Console - the interface service reps to be on top of all customer-related matters
Service KPI metrics: reports and dashboards for timely scaling and quality management
Unified 360o Customer View for service reps
Knowledge Base for the accurate and timely responses
Amazing level of service that exceeds your competitors' proposal can be the decision making factor of your customers to stay loyal and make recurring purchases
Embrace the power of Salesforce Service Platform:

Case Management and Collaboration

  • Case Assignment Rules
  • Case Escalation Rules
  • Service Console
  • Chatter
  • Files Management
  • Internal Notifications
  • Queue Management
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
All customer inquiries are classified and assigned to appropriate service reps
If Cases remain unattended, they're escalated to managers
Service Team is able to use the Service console and handle several service flows simultaneously on one screen
Team members are enabled with collaboration tools and documents exchange
Queues are configured to distribute work among people effectively
Overall average lifecycle of an open Case is decreased
Higher level of Service leads to more recurrent purchases and higher loyalty
case management

Multi-Channel Case Capture and Communications

  • Web-based Case creation (Web-to-Case)
  • Email-based Case creation (Email-to-Case)
  • Social Customer Service
  • Messengers Integrations
  • Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Live Agent
  • Case Email Auto-response
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
Customers and Prospects are able to place an inquiry using a preferred channel
Customers are notified that their inquiries are being handled
Service reps save manual efforts thanks to the Case-related automatic notification
Service Team is able to handle more Cases effectively, using less resources
Customers communicate with the Company in a preferred way, their loyalty increases
All inquiries are collected in the united Service Pipeline and processed accordingly
service pipeline

Self-Service Capabilities

  • Help Center
  • Customer Portals
  • AI-based Chatbots
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
Run your email conversations right in the system
Customers can resolve their typical inquiries themselves
Service Teams spends less efforts on communications, focusing on non-typical requests
Customers appreciate the innovative approach to Service, the corporate reputation increases

Knowledge Management
and AI-based recommendations

  • Knowledge Base Management
  • AI-powered Context Recommendations
  • Service Cloud Einstein (paid add-on)
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
knowledge base management
Service Team spends less efforts to onboard new members
The answers to Customers' requests become more accurate
service cloud

Service Metrics:
Reporting and Dashboards

  • Dynamic Reports and Dashboards
  • Case SLA Metrics calculation and notification
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
Run your email conversations right in the system
Management is able to track the efficiency of Service and make data-driven decisions
If any KPI metric falls, appropriate notifications are sent

Business Process

  • Contract Management
  • Order Management
  • Asset Tracking
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
The Order execution flow is reflected in the system: from Contract via Orders to Asset Tracking and Inventory Management
Sales and Service become interconnected flows that provide the full view of the Customer's interaction with the Company
Customer Data is not siloed anymore, and the Customer gets the unified UX in all interactions with the Company
Customer Satisfaction increases, clients are more likely to come back and stay with the Company longer

Integrations / Configuration

  • Telephony (CTI)
  • Messengers
  • Email Services
  • Social Networks
Area of Optimization
Must-Have Implementations
Run your email conversations right in the system
Companies can either benefit from native Salesforce communicational solutions: Digital Engagement, Service Cloud Voice etc, or leverage custom integrations with third party services

Companies who implemented Service Cloud pretend to get:

Faster Case Resolution
Case Deflection
in Support Costs
Business User Productivity
Differences between Sales and Service Cloud
Companies are often interested, what Salesforce licenses they should select for the best outcome of their digital transformation: Sales or Service, or both?
Indeed, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud have much in common - they both have the "standard" set of commercial objects in their data model: Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, etc. Take a look at our guidance on Sales Cloud must-have selection and implementation guide.
A lot of features you'll want to implement from there, you'll be able to achieve with Service Cloud.
So what's the difference? It's defined by the focus on some specific capabilities provided by these Clouds, and there's a good chance that you'll want to combine both Sales and Service (or Sales + Service) licenses in your organization, just used by different people.
Sales Cloud Specialties
Quoting Process -
you can create different Quotes
for an Opportunity

Territory Management -
you can structure your sales better

More sophisticated Forecasting -
with Opportunity Splits, etc

Sales Add-ons, such as CPQ
Service Cloud Specialties
Service Console - convenient way to work
on several service streams simultaneously

Work Orders and Service Contracts -
capability to work with your service flows

Omni-Channel communications
(Live Agent, Chat Bots)

Service Add-ons: Voice, Social Studio, LiveMessage, Live Agent, etc
Using Service Cloud, you make sure that your Service Agents are enabled with the most updated tools to bring the best UX to their customers, and at the same time have access to all necessary sales data to benefit from 360o view of their clients.
Twistellar has great experience of getting the maximum outcome of CRM investments from using Service Cloud licenses in the most challenging cases. We'll be happy to help you define the needed fields of service improvements, and walk together with your people along the path of effective digital transformation for your company.

The most vivid trends of Service for 2024
(according to Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer):

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products
Businesses are investing in Service transformation: competition rises
AI chatbots embrace the field of first line of customer self-service
Customers' expectations grow and demand companies to change
Customer Service adopts AI, while service reps tend to spend time for more complex tasks
Mobile workers become the face of brands and an important touchpoint
Customer engagement goes digital and uses different channels
Unified customer information is key to the best customer experience
Find more insights from 15,000+ consumers and business buyers worldwide
on unprecedented shifts in customer expectations and behavior!
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Implement Service Cloud, raise productivity, ensure the best user experience, gain recurrent purchases and recommendations from happy customers in 2024!
Expected ranges of Service Cloud
Implementation Costs*

Small-sized Organizations
basic configuration,
no custom development
$7,000 - $20,000
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Mid-Sized Organizations:
Moderate customization:
mainly backend, integrations in scope, straightforward data migration
$20,000 - $70,000
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Enterprise Organizations
Heavy customization:
backend + UI, several custom integrations, complicated permissions management, large data migrations
$70,000 - $500,000
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*Actual implementation costs vary on the individual requirements of an organization
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