Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support for Leading Fashion Company

• Date: August 2023 •
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DK Company
DK Company A/S is a Danish fashion company with head offices in Ikast, Vejle, and Copenhagen. Founded in 2001, DK Company has, with 2500 employees, 250 retail stores, and 20+ owned webshops, grown to become one of the leading suppliers of fashion.
Client Info
    Project Length
    • June 2023 - [ongoing]
      • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support


        DK Company needed a stable and reliable system to support the growth of their business, so Salesforce Marketing Cloud was the natural choice to implement back in 2018, gradually expanding to more brands in 2019. DK Company provides B2B and B2C services with shipments to various countries, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a key business driver to handle commercial and transactional emails.
        It was important for DK Company to add a system to their tech stack that could handle the complexity and volume of brands (26) and each of their setup and requirements, such as language versioning, pricing, automated send-outs, journeys, segment refresh etc.
        Currently, there are more than 75 users in DK Company's Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup, performing operations on a daily basis — supported by two internal Marketing Cloud Administrators, Christina Schmidt Jensen and Janni Søgaard Dahl, whose main focus is developing and monitoring the cloud.
        Based on this setup, DK Company was on the lookout for a new Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner with a high level of technical skills to support the internal administrators in managing the system.

        Scope and Process

        DK Company has been in an ongoing dialogue with Twistellar since 2021; but in 2023 the time was right for a collaboration.
        • Janni Søgaard Dahl
          Customer Journey Lead at DK Company
          Twistellar's expanded setup and level of expertise improved along with our internal competences. We have concrete thoughts of solutions and expectations of time estimates and hours spent on the different tasks — and so far our collaboration with Twistellar seems to meet our needs.
        DK Company structures their work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a roadmap of activities and goals, which they expect to reach within the system annually, and in 2023 they decided to try outsourcing some of the tasks to Twistellar to save time and resources and benefit from external technical experience.
        After initial discovery calls and pilot projects, DK Company's internal Marketing Cloud Administrators had a chance to evaluate the response time, flexibility, and technical level of competence of the assigned developer at Twistellar. The collaboration proved to be effective.


        The collaboration between DK Company and Twistellar has been effective since June 2023, and Twistellar has so far worked on more than 17 tasks with different levels of complexity.
        Some of the projects included:
        • Managing duplicates that were appearing from different locations within one brand
        • Managing bounces for a specific domain and business units
        • Enabling multi-bounce domain and email authentication review
        • Support with transactional emails
        • Support with Cloud Pages
        • System health check
        • Christina Schmidt Jensen
          Automation Tech Lead at DK Company
          With our complex setup and the number of brands, we will continue to have tasks and projects in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the need of technical support. We need to keep improving the system and our processes in order to stay on track with performance and new opportunities.


        • Janni Søgaard Dahl
          Customer Journey Lead at DK Company
          An extremely skilled and involved co-worker, located externally. That's what Olga is to us. In our customized setup with Twistellar, flexibility, direct contact, and a high level of technical expertise is key. And you succeed in all three focus areas.

          Twistellar grabbed our thoughts, frustrations, and challenges from day one, and we are impressed with the speed of responses, estimates, and creative thinking and solutions. We are looking forward to continuing and developing our cooperation.

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