Abandoned CarT Journeys
with B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud

• Date: June 2022 •
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Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk
Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk is a Danish e-commerce company, offering a Scandinavian lifestyle universe, that includes rainwear, rubber boots, women's clothing, shoes, and a beauty series.
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The company has grown rapidly both at home and abroad, i.a. through concept stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and England. Several of the world's leading department stores have included ILSE JACOBSEN in their range, which is now exported to almost 30 countries.
The company used Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud to automate online shopping experience for their customers, collect their data, such as website interactions, and engage them with more personalization.
As for many retailers, one of the main challenges for Ilse Jacobsen was connected with abandoned carts. Even though abandoned carts are a common drawback of online businesses, it gives marketers an opportunity to engage with shoppers through an email campaign, and win them back.
So, the company's representatives turned to Twistellar for the implementation of this task.


One of the incredible ways to win back shoppers' attention is to implement abandoned cart journeys with B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud. This configuration allows marketers to collect information about their prospects and send dynamic emails based on their actions.

Here are some examples:

  • If a client doesn't make a purchase, an automated catch-up message is sent
  • If a client doesn't make a purchase within an expected waiting period, a follow-up mail is sent offering a purchase incentive, such as discounts or special offers
  • If a client makes a purchase via that email, the data is gathered and processed for further engagement
Such email campaigns allow companies to return customers back to complete their purchases and provide more cross-sell and upselling opportunities.

Scope and Process

The project consisted of a business analysis stage, tailored configurations, and user onboarding.
Initially, the data collected for a user during their website session was utilized for sending catch-up messages if a shopping cart was populated but an order was not submitted. The existing B2C implementation already supported interaction tracking and data collection. The retrieved data could be sent to an MC instance to run the journeys based on products added to user's carts.
One of the complexities was that the initial data collection was flawed, so we debugged the process together with Salesforce Support to find the issue in the setup and finally created the needed processes from scratch to let the B2C abandoned data come into MC and trigger the journey execution.
Email templates were adjusted to contain the main message markup and dynamic areas with the products added to a user cart. We rebuilt the template code for retrieving behavioral data from Einstein data extensions and used that for sending follow-up messages with products and their local prices (using relevant currency) to end users.
Emails were scheduled using a newly created custom journey with two engagement steps: a notification mail and a mail with a discount coupon. The coupons were generated in B2C, so we set up automatic data upload to MC to let the email markup consume this data and distribute the codes between the users with abandoned carts registered.


As a result, the company has a smooth email campaign that shares data between Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud with the help of Marketing Cloud Einstein AI & Behavioral Triggers.
Business Process Map​
Business Process Map
  • Commerce Cloud monitors the shopper's behaviour and shares the data with Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud puts the shopper on the journey and sends an abandoned cart email with the possibility of click tracking
  • MC sends the shopper a coupon in case they don't purchase
  • Purchase history is recorded from email

This email campaign allows Ilse to:

  • Increase sales by re-engaging customers and upselling or cross-selling to them
  • Drive gross merchandise volume (GMV)
  • Gain insights into shoppers' needs with the connected Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud


I'd like to thank Twistellar team for their amazing professional support. We received a fast response back to each request with all the necessary details and attention to our requirements.

They are very skilled and easy to work with. Thanks to that, the project was finished on time without any extra costs. Hope to continue working with Twistellar in the future.

- Sarah Jane Ochsner, Ecommerce Manager at ILSE JACOBSEN

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