Dataset Processing

FIGURES: More than 500 000 records altogether, with multi-dimensional connections.
About project
Large Database (more than 1 Gb of multi-layered information) needs to be placed in Salesforce org, to serve as a source of leads and support for decisions making. Despite the scale and interior Salesforce limitations, advanced search and filtering tools need to be implemented with handy visual interface provided for search management and results output.
Searching mechanism was constructed by using Dynamic Apex capabilities in conjunction with custom screen for data output. Visualforce output system included Lightning Design System and dynamic rendering of searching components: filters, field options and objects.

Distinctive side of the project is automatic compatibility with newly created fields and their types without need to change the code.
Integration of seamless leads generation process, helping to cut labor costs on large data processing and manual information transfer between different systems.
Date: May 2017 ● Category: App Cloud
Thanks for your work. The project is perfect.
President of the Customer Company