Twistellar: Friendly Space, High Energy, and People Power. Values & Principles

• Date: September 2018 •
Twistellar is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and AI Solutions Company. We help companies all over the world to improve performance and raise customers' adoption by implementing business automation solutions based on Salesforce.
Our key competitive advantage is the highest level of customer service that we guarantee to our partners
We collaborate with great and world famous companies (including a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner) in New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Middleton, Glendale, Columbus, Fountain Wali, Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, Singapore and other locations.
The market is growing rapidly. Companies around the world in different industries, in the field of hospitality, finance, software, retail, logistics, and others, think about making their processes more effective, and their customer interactions more personalized and data-driven.
Twistellar provides optimal architectural solutions, reliable and high quality Salesforce custom development, Salesforce configuration and support. We help companies to adopt AI Applications to maximize ROI of CRM investments.

Twistellar masters all major Salesforce domains:
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Community Cloud, IoT Cloud, CPQ, Platform, integrations with third-party software. We use APEX, Lightning, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Native JS, Angular.js, MEAN Stack, Python, JAVA, and others.

We are Salesforce experts
We carry out challenging projects and ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers every day.
  • High Quality
    We unite experienced Consultants, talented Salesforce Developers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, QA Engineers and great Project Managers. We're keen on handling Salesforce projects of any scale and complexity and are involved in the most demanding Salesforce projects in the world
  • Smooth Support
    We have successfully implemented highly scalable Salesforce solutions across different industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, Media, Communications, Sport, E-commerce and Science.
  • Corporate Power
    We are proud of our professional technical skills and got amazing and great reviews as the result of our work. Reaching this stage is a great achievement thanks to amazing corporate power.


makes us
We're customer-focused and totally committed to the ultimate success of mutual projects

We ensure that our employees take care of customers. And in order to ensure that our team faithfully provides our customers with high-level services, we take care of our staff. We create a balanced team in which friendly atmosphere and professionals skills is a top priority. Within this professional and laid-back setting thrives a Twistellar culture. Our team will become like an extension of your company, all the while you focus on growing your business.
Quick response

Very quick response and stellar level of service.
Twistellar Salesforce consulting practice is based on the prior 15-year background of leading real sector companies. So, we combine technical and real business skills. We put our customers' needs at the forefront and our goal is to urgently and correctly solve your most relevant and pressing business challenges at once. Excellent service is our global advantage.
Coding standards

Top-coding standards aligned with best practices (easily supportable cost-effective code).
We create purely structured, well-commented code, ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.

Optimal price

Moderate rates, the optimal price/quality ratio.
We're always on the customer's side in budget-related matters and we always try to find the most appropriate approach basing on the customer's situation.

AI competencies

Stellar Salesforce skills empowered with AI competencies.
Not only do we possess stellar Salesforce skills, but we combine them with deep AI capabilities gaining maximum of your CRM investments: being able to process your data with the most updated machine-learning techniques in customer behavior prediction, natural language processing and computer vision.

We enjoy our work. We have achieved great results because we stick to our core values and principles. These global rules are at the center of everything we do here at Twistellar. We believe only great talents and right values can lead us to success!
Dmitri Leichik
Twistellar CEO
Our culture
New great experience, amazing knowledge, team spirit, and pleasant working atmosphere.
  • 1
    Not In Vain!
    Twistellar Team has ambitious goals and honest path. We're already involved in the most responsible Salesforce projects in the world, and plan to create even greater things on Salesforce platform! These goals and our team-spirit make us happy, unify us and motivate us to become better and provide even better service to our partners.
  • 2
    Details make perfection
    Every day in our professional life we head for excellent work in everything! Custom built, in-house experts, high agility. The result is important to us! We are always attentive to details, to terms and promises! We are like-minded people who are interested in brilliant results. For us, it means perfection in working, thinking, and creativity. We are a group of talented, and driven individuals who wants to convert our perfect knowledge into practical solutions that make businesses work better and smarter.
  • 3
    Friendly Space and High Energy
    Be friendly. Be effective. Be active.
    In a friendly atmosphere, each team member has the opportunity to work effectively, receive feedback and improvement. Twistellar always gratitudes to employees for a well-done job and appreciates contributions to the common cause. We are proud of being an employer of equal opportunities for employment and affirmative action.

  • 4
    We turn employees into team players. We are growing together with the team! We have synergy and drive spirit. And this helps us to rapidly grow and turn forward on the market. Together we are a force! We are friends. The main of our teamwork value is that the employees working together can do more than professionals who are doing job separately. And also coping with tasks that someone from the team might not have coped with.
  • 5
    Business Reputation
    Our business goal is customer's long-term success. Your priorities will guide our work. We value our perfect reputation and therefore we don't focus on short-term benefits at any cost. For us, business ethics are at the forefront. Business cooperation should be fair! The relations should be reliable.
  • 6
    Education and step-up
    Professional grows and education never stop at our company. That's why everyone from our Team loves his job and what we do together! That's why we work and become a success together. We unite great specialists and they are tech-savvy, creative, flexible and open-minded. The grows of each individual team member is equal to the success of the company.
We cooperate with world-famous companies in the Europe, US, and the East. Twistellar is tech and business partner on important Salesforce projects and is engaged in own products. We provide unique opportunities for growth and for professional development, both for experienced Salesforce developers and for those who want to learn and master Salesforce. We create an environment that allows our people to have experiences and opportunities that enable them to evolve in a professional level. We are constantly traveling and learning something new.
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Schedule a time with our specialists. We'll dive into your business, look at your current solution and document our recommendations. We start by understanding your special needs, goals, and resources you must have to achieve them. Twistellar helps you to connect with your customers, partners, and staff by developing customizable Salesforce solutions. Our team of business and System Analysts, Data Architects, Tech Consultants, and Business Intelligence Experts will shape and drive the project to success. We believe that Salesforce make your businesses work better and smarter in the most efficient way.
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Twistellar is a proud Salesforce subcontractor
with dozens of successful projects behind its bank.
It has unrivaled expertise in Salesforce consulting and development, as well as projects auditing and technical support. We will eagerly assist you in your Salesforce AI undertakings, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to your business.