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Datorama solves marketing data challenges, being one of the features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Looking for an in-depth overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its benefits? Click here.
How do you imagine a typical day of a marketer? Probably, sipping coffee and brainstorming various hypothesis on how to improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction, or lead conversion. Most often, we associate marketing with design and creative chaos.
The truth is less entertaining. The core of marketing is data. So instead of coffee and generating ideas, more than 88% of marketers say they spend most of their time on reporting tasks. How come?
Modern marketers use a myriad of technologies to reach and convert customers.
Think of email campaigns, digital advertising, mobile marketing, social media, customer relationship management (CRM). Each of these stores important data for analysis.
If these sources are siloed, no surprise that marketers will spend too much time integrating them for a holistic picture of their campaigns.
Instead, Marketing Cloud Datorama can save their time and effort for more creative tasks.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a platform to store and visualize marketing data coming from various sources.
Originally, Datorama was used in the ad technology field to help companies ease reporting for their clients. Being now one of the features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it suits well other industries, from automotive to publishing.
Datorama Flow
Datorama Flow
Datorama allows you to keep track of all your marketing spends, campaign results, and trends. And the good thing is that no coding skills are needed for its management.
Use Datorama to pull data from different sources, tie campaign metrics to the KPIs, and visualize the results with branded dashboards. This way, each stakeholder - executive, analyst, and marketer, can be in line with the data to make more informed decisions.
Datorama Report
Datorama Report
Let's have a closer look at some Datorama use cases.

Datorama Use Cases

Use Case #1
I handle dozens/ hundreds of data sources every day. Unify them!

Datorama automatically maps your marketing, ad, and technical data sources to Datorama data model. This allows you to have all the metrics kept in one place, linked to each other.
You can choose the most convenient data integration method for your specific case:
  • API Connect
The easiest way to integrate data is to access Datorama's expanding library of marketing APIs. Choose the source you need to integrate, enter your credentials, and have it matched for further analysis.
Datorama's APIs cover the most crucial marketing and advertising data sources: social media, email, Google Analytics, CRM data, etc.
Datorama APIs
Datorama APIs
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  • TotalConnect
If you have data to complement the one received from the API Connector, add it with TotalConnect. For instance, if you have important custom data extracts from Salesforce Marketing Cloud that have no API - TotalConnect is the solution.
With it, the required data will be transformed and cleansed for reporting and visualizations.
  • LiteConnect
LiteConnect is used for non-marketing sources, such as weather, geographic, or sales data. This data won't be matched to the Datorama data model. But you can add essential details to your reports. Drag data files into Datorama and watch it visualize them instantly.

Use Case #2
I want all stakeholders to be aligned with the campaign results. Use AI!

Make smarter decisions with optimized data and AI machine learning. When the data is clean, everyone has full transparency into marketing performance. There are several tools in Datorama to help you on the way.
SmartLenses is a tool to help set up KPIs and model data from key channels. You can keep track of the most important trends that influence business decisions.
Einstein Marketing Insights automatically point out strategic tweaks for you to change course. You can as well customize analytics to your particular challenge with deep developer tools, including R and Python support.

Use Case #3
I want quick insights into the data. Visualize the data!

Once your data is ready and clean, it's time to create dashboards. Datorama's tool InstaBrand lets you create tailored branded designs for your reports and dashboards.
Add the logo, apply company colors, and add customizable widgets to build beautiful and personalized reports.
Datorama Dashboards
Datorama Dashboards

Use Case #4
I need to share data performance reports with clients. Export the data with ease!

You can export your data from Salesforce Datorama to any end target - your database, third-party data visualization or analytics tools at no extra cost.
Use Datorama's Query API to aid with scalable data exports in different formats: .csv, .pdf, and others. Feel free to customize the layout of the page before exporting, and use custom intervals to schedule the reports.

Datorama's Benefits and Limitations

With Datorama, you get a single place for all your marketing data. It means that you can forget about manual dashboards and endless Excel sheets.
Use Datorama to report and analyze your marketing campaigns concurrently with custom metrics, fit just for your business goals. And finally, let your employees spend more time analyzing the data instead of pulling reports.
Datorama is very customizable. However, the challenge lies in its high learning curve.
Make sure to map out your architecture well in advance of implementation. And guarantee a team in charge of the development and maintenance of the product for the long term. Or handle this task to an experienced outsource team.

Datorama Implementation Package "Get Started"

Consider Datorama for your business? Our team can help you with Datorama implementation, from data strategy consultancy to custom reporting. Twistellar is a certified Salesforce Consulting partner, offering expertise across Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Datorama.
Download the implementation package for more details on the services, ETA, and project costs.

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