How to Use Salesforce for Marketing: Retain Your Prospects and Customers with Interaction Studio

• Date: February 2022 •
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Suppose you've attracted leads to your website or app. Some of them have been converted into prospects. You carry on gathering data, but they keep unsubscribing or choosing your competitors.
At this point, most of us share the same thought: "I have no idea what's in their heads". Perhaps, the issue is in the wrong tools you use to figure it out. To retain your leads, you need to get the full picture of their journey and intents.
Think of all their possible touchpoints: website, mobile app, socials, email and ad campaigns, physical store, etc. Every interaction leaves you with important information that contributes to creating a full-fledged customer profile.
Imagine sending an offer for a product to a customer that has just obtained the very same product. The probability that he will stick with your service is close to zero. When your data is siloed and disconnected, these situations happen more often than you want.
That's where Salesforce Marketing Cloud enters the stage.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful modular platform that consists of several applications that help you build personalized customer relationships across all touchpoints.
We have already described the possibilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can read about it here.
Now, let's have a quick overview of how marketers use Salesforce Marketing Cloud:
  • Keep an updated contact database from various systems besides Salesforce
  • Track customer interactions and define their place in the customer journey
  • Design adaptive landing pages, create personalized ad and email campaigns
  • Re-engage customers with relevant offerings for more upselling and cross-selling
  • Tie their social accounts and start listening to reviews and mentions of the brand
  • Tailor marketing campaigns according to audience segments
  • Measure the ROI of all marketing activities
As a result, you have a unified platform with all the relevant information about your leads and customers, which is connected to other departments, channels and your business activities and campaigns.
You can argue that keeping track of your prospects is no breakthrough. However, keeping this data collected while they are interacting with your brand and adapting campaigns in real-time is definitely a know-how.
And that's exactly what Interaction Studio serves for.

Omnichannel Personalization with Interaction Studio

What makes an unforgettable experience for your customer? Fast and effortless engagement. Your customers want to be heard and are not willing to repeat their intent.
"More than 84% of customers highlight the importance of personalization and being treated like a person, rather than a number, to earning their business."
Source: Salesforce, "State of the Connected Customer"
Interaction Studio uses cookies to track customer data and matches it to the information he has already provided. This way, you can customize interactions, navigating your prospects or customers to the most relevant products and services.
Interaction Studio Example
Interaction Studio Example
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With Interaction Studio, you can:
  • Record individual insights
    Convert leads into prospects, and then customers by linking their activities across every channel, both online and on the premises
  • Identify accounts
    Match anonymous and known customers to their profiles to keep consistency and relevance of your information
  • Customize in real time
    Make personalized decisions with the algorithms that interpret the data
  • Test and analyze
    Run A/B testing, use AI for reporting and analysis
  • Engage effectively
    Nurture your contacts by triggering relevant interactions
Interaction Studio Screen
Interaction Studio Screen
(1 - Reports, 2- Channels & Campaign, 3 - Audiences, 4 - Catalog, 5 - Machine Learning)
Both B2B and B2C companies can take advantage of Interaction Studio. Here are some examples:

Interaction Studio for B2C

  • Create adaptive landing pages
    Anonymous or not, you can capture the information about your customers, such as their location, interests, and attributes, and your landing page will be tailored to their specific needs in real time
  • Trigger personalized notifications
    You can choose the timing for your message, for instance, when your customer is engaged. Reengage contacts through push, SMS, paid media based on their history: affinities, geolocation, or items left in cart
  • Provide consistent recommendations at a point of sale
    When a customer checks out at the register, logs in to a self-service kiosk, or uses an ATM, he will receive only the data he is looking for
  • Help your call centre agents
    If your customers have an issue, triggered notifications to call center agents will be helpful to solve it faster. These notifications are based on customers' onsite or in-app behaviors and histories

Interaction Studio for B2B

  • Engage your visitors with the most relevant content
    Tailor the content a visitor sees on your website to his industry, size, or previous engagements. Highlight those events, e-books and posts that will inspire them to take action
  • Make timely sales
    Alert your sales reps about your prospect activities to recommend a follow-up. Recognize and target high-value visitors to leverage your ABM strategy. Moreover, your email campaigns can be adapted to the user's website experience, not when it's sent, but when it's opened depending on the latest interactions
Our team has successfully dealt with Interaction Studio enablement for different industries and goals
The data typically stored in a CRM is rarely anonymous and usually arrives internally from sales and service departments. Interaction Studio allows collecting and assigning unidentified data to a specific user in real time to enrich your view of a customer.

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