• Date: February 2023 •
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We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Twistellar is ranked the No. 1 Salesforce Consultancy in Denmark according to Clutch. We want to thank all our customers and partners for their continuous support and trust!
Our customer-centric approach, deep business and Salesforce technical expertise, as well as the most updated machine-learning techniques in customer behavior prediction and computer vision, helped us to keep the first places in the following categories organically:
  1. Top IT Consultants in Denmark №1
  2. Top CRM Consultants in Copenhagen №1
  3. Top IT Consultants in Copenhagen №1
  4. Top Salesforce Consultants in Denmark №1
  5. Top System Integration Companies in Denmark №1
A new and exciting achievement for Twistellar is the 10th spot in the list of the Top Salesforce Consultants globally. In addition, the Clutch Leaders Matrix classifies Twistellar as Niche Leaders, which means that the team is able to deliver high-quality technical solutions without losing focus on customers' business problems, with maximum attention to the client, a high focus on the desired service, and positive client feedback.
Clutch leaders matrix
Clutch Leaders Matrix
We appreciate all of our customers' support and confidence in our partnership, as well as them taking time to evaluate our collaboration:
Our objective for 2023 is to sustain and improve the current outcome. We're open to discuss any of your business challenges and find the best solution to it!
CEO, Co-founder of Twistellar
Our deep understanding of Salesforce platform ensures successful handling of projects in any domain
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