Salesforce Audit and Customization Services for
a Healthcare Company

• Date: January 2023 •
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Nordic Health Group
Nordic Health Group is a fast growing group of businesses in the private healthcare sector. In their 25 clinics in Northern Europe, specialized vascular surgeons treat over 6000 patients yearly for venous insufficiency.
  • Audit & Optimization
  • Customization and Configuration
  • Development


Doctors used Salesforce for managing the data of their patients, automating internal communication, making appointments, and preparing the patients for surgeries. For that, a custom module was built on top of the SF platform (Sales/Service Cloud). However, the configuration ignored industry standards and included lots of errors that made the user interface difficult to use, blocking business growth and scalability.
The main pain points were the following:
  • The system was configured without taking business needs into account, which is why it included a lot of unnecessary custom blocks that slowed down the system's performance.
  • Bad user adoption due to errors.
  • Data access vulnerabilities: due to a lack of configuration and engineering, data access was provided to the wrong groups of users. Users could enter data from different entry points, making data management inconsistent.
  • The system was not scalable, as the implementation was Sweden-centric without localization, which is why the company couldn't expand their services to clinics in other markets, neither existing, nor new. Since there was no localization, communication with the client was held only in Swedish.
The company turned to Twistellar to perform the system's audit and improve its performance, making it possible for users to operate properly and grow their business.


We performed the system's audit and presented the optimization plan to the client to gather additional customer feedback and dive into the context. Following that, the development phase began.
We achieved system stabilization with:
  • UI fixes
  • Automation and validation fixes
  • Data access fixes

Scope and Process

Our team held several sessions with the client to gather business requirements and goals. Having provided the client with the intermediate optimization results, we conducted end-to-end testing, and deployed the solution.
The client was provided with a user guide and an admin guide to ease the onboarding.


As a result of the system's optimization, most of the hard-coded solutions were replaced by customizable dynamic bindings. Data access is dynamic and configured in accordance with organizational structure, including appropriate permissions and data management.
Patient statuses are now automatically updated, the errors with the appointment calendar were fixed, and users can work faster and more efficiently.
Thanks to the unified data entry points and enabled localization, the company can provide their services and communicate with patients in more countries, ensuring business scalability and growth.


  • Marketing Manager
    Twistellar helped us get to a point where we are now able to use Salesforce as we originally intended — to be more data driven, and have a single solution across different markets.

    We had an unfortunate experience with a previous solutions partner that never managed to build us a scalable solution where we could leverage the benefits that Salesforce can provide. Now we can.

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