MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Architecture: Integration Solutions

• Date: August 2021 •
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes
Chief Technical Officer at Twistellar
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Clean and connected data is the ultimate goal of any automation project.
As your business infrastructure expands, more and more applications are added to track sales, customers, or partners. These apps can be integrated using APIs or remain siloed. It leaves teams facing endless burdens to extract relevant insights from the data.
The issue is known as "spaghetti architecture" - the situation when a company falls short of the ability to meet the growth-driving business requirements. Typically, they have multiple chaotic systems that are hard and expensive to maintain.
Salesforce Spaghetti Architecture
Spaghetti Architecture
Imagine that you produce and sell home automation assets and beacons. Your end customers have your mobile application on their devices, your customer service department processes a large volume of incoming cases and questions, and your sold beacons emit millions of events and transactions every day.
Well, it sounds like a reasonable setup, but it turns out that:
Mobile app transactions are not balanced and frequently overload the system
IoT events are sluggishly processed by an old self-developed Kafka solution
Your managers have to manually upload the data from the legacy ERP system, which is still partially in use as you still have to move a number of process automations to the new system
Documents are not synchronized or linked with your client support, so it slows down the productivity of your teammates who have to work in both systems at the same time
The solution comes in the form of MuleSoft.
Mulesoft platform and its products allow you to connect almost every system and gain maximum productivity using unified enterprise service bus configuration, bidirectional data sync, or data transforming jobs launched in the most optimal and organic manner.
What are these products?
Anypoint Partner Manager contributes to a successful B2B integration. Renewable partner templates speed up partner onboarding and improve operational efficacy
The DataWeave language makes data integration straightforward. Using built-in batch capabilities, push records across apps or data sources – all from a single location
Develop an API strategy that adds value to your DevOps model
Transform your ESB architecture and run it anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud, or combined
Integrate IoT devices to your back office with ease to orchestrate them directly on the device
Manage all microservices from a single platform
So, in our case, take your old ERP system or legacy data source and let it be connected or synchronized with your existing setup of customer service, marketing solution, and B2B/B2C/D2C storefront. Link your documents, catalogs, and training materials with your system, so service agents always have access to the needed information.
Track your mobile transactions and beacon events using a unified ESB platform for managing real-time operations and distributing needed data between corresponding areas of your IT landscape.
Salesforce MuleSoft Solution Landscape
MuleSoft Solution
Our team of MuleSoft-certified developers and architects with deep expertise in Salesforce covers all the stages from design to MuleSoft implementation & management to make sure you end up with a flexible and standardized API landscape.
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