Salesforce Industries:
A Comprehensive Overview of Industry-Specific Solutions

• Date: July 2023 •
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Salesforce Industries Guide
According to a report by Grand View Research, the global enterprise software market was valued at $389 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $1.14 trillion by 2028 during the forecast period.
It was found that the growth is driven by the increasing adoption of industry-specific software solutions. Pandemic has pointed to the need for digital transformation, which is accelerating in the healthcare, media, and retail industries. But this list isn't limited to these industries, and the change impacts, in fact, every organization.
So, companies are moving to more industry-specific software that corresponds to their business needs. To avoid the time and resources required to develop your own Salesforce data models, you can choose a pre-made 'skin' over other Clouds – Salesforce Industries products.
Salesforce Industries is a suite of enterprise software solutions built on the Salesforce platform that are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries.
It offers pre-built data models, workflows, and business processes, as well as industry-specific functionalities and features that correspond to economic, political, and social environments.
Learn what organizations each Cloud fits, why to use them, and how you can achieve your business goals.

Things you'll learn:

Salesforce Industries, Automotive Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Automotive Cloud

Automotive Cloud

License price: Starts from $300 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Automotive Manufacturers, Dealers, Retailers
Why use it: It allows capturing and identifying product-level information (model's specifications, spare parts, accessories), schedule test drives, manage vehicle services
How it works: The Cloud offers specific features, like Vehicle Console, that provides quick access to the info about vehicle details, warranties, or delivery reports.
With the help of Household Management you can see a complete driver and transport history to personalize support, offers, and sales.
The solution includes global regulatory compliance exactly for the automotive industry.
Salesforce Industries, Communications Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Communications Cloud

Communications Cloud

License price: Starts from $275 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Telecom and Mobile Services, Voice and Videoconferencing Companies
Why use it: Communications service providers (CSPs) can benefit from a catalog-driven BSS suite
How it works: With the Communication Cloud, organizations are able to create a seamless customer experience.
They obtain a unified platform for launching subscription services, managing orders, quotes, and contracts with Enterprise Product Catalog, Industries CPQ in an agile way, and a growing library of pre-built applications, product models, and integrations.
Salesforce Industries, Consumer Goods Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Consumer Goods Cloud

Consumer Goods Cloud

License price: Starts from $200 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Apparel, Footwear and Accessories, Health and Beauty, Home Durables, Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Why use it: CPG companies can target the right consumer segments at the right time (even offline), and increase collaboration with retail partners
How it works: Visit Planning & Execution features provide with customizable templates of planogram, inventory, return order processing, according to store or segment types.
Einstein Vision for the Cloud helps optimize compliance and product placements in one click.
Mobile Order Capture assists finding products by scanning SKU barcode and collecting product orders onsite.
Salesforce Industries, Education Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Education Cloud

Education Cloud

License price: Starts from $75 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Public and Commercial Educational Institutions, Tutoring and Test Preparation Companies
Why use it: It is a collection of objects and tools that streamlines collaboration between education partners and the customer (student) community
How it works: Student Success Hub increases personalization of student experiences, learning paths, academic journey, and alumni relationships.
The Education Data Architecture (EDA) is a pre-built data model, designed for building the education sector processes. F.i., Parents' Portal provides data to student's families; Gift Entry Manager facilitates fundraising in advancement offices by tracking gifts & payments.
Salesforce Industries, Energy & Utilities Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Energy & Utilities Cloud

Energy & Utilities Cloud

License price: Starts from $350 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Electric, Water and Gas utilities, Renewable Energy Providers, Energy Service Companies
Why use it: It provides essential for that industry omni-channel support and digital self-service, and increases sales throughout the providers
How it works: The Cloud includes features for tracking consumption patterns and providing customers with personalized energy-saving tips.
Field Service Management helps to control, schedule, and dispatch technicians, track work orders, and manage inventory, even in mobile.
UEC offers tools for tracking and managing assets, such as power plants, transformers, and meters.
Salesforce Industries, Financial Services Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

License price: Starts from $225 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Custody, Retail and Commercial Banking, Wealth and Asset Management Firms, Fintech and Insurance Companies
Why use it: It has an industry-specific set of features, like portfolio rebalancing, custodian data services, and asset aggregation across every account
How it works: With one platform, you can manage pipelines, collaborate across teams, and gain AI-driven product recommendations.
Key feature – a single customer view including policies, financial records, claims. That helps provide agents with relevant context, grow your book of business, and trigger alerts.
The features like Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail, and Platform Encryption help keep the financial account information confidential.
Salesforce Industries, Government Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Government Cloud

Government Cloud

License price: Starts from 15% applied to net spend (across all licenses, billed annually)
Designed for: Federal, State, Local, Defense and Intelligence Government Organizations, Aerospace
Why use it: It helps modernize the public sector's service while preventing security issues in an evolving regulatory landscape
How it works: The Cloud is designed to help authorized U.S. government agencies meet stringent security and compliance requirements. F.i., such as FedRAMP High, IRS 1075, and DoD Impact Level 4 and 5 (IL4 and IL5), built on AWS GovCloud.
The main feature is Federal/State Case Management, that automates the procurement of correspondence, facilities, grants, licensing and permitting, inspections, complaints, etc.
Salesforce Industries, Health Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Health Cloud

Health Cloud

License price: Starts from $300 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Hospitals, Clinics, MedTech and Pharma Manufacturers, Insurance Providers
Why use it: It improves patient outcomes, increases patient engagement, and streamlines healthcare operations
How it works: The Cloud's main features include Patient Profiles, Care Teams, Task Management, and Collaboration Tools for easy managing Patient Data and deliver coordinated care.
SHC connects to existing electronic health records, providing a centralized view of all tasks and goals associated with treatment programs in real time, from anywhere.
Salesforce Industries, Manufacturing Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud

License price: Starts from $225 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Manufacturers and Distributors, Suppliers
Why use it: It provides a complete view of actual orders, planned volumes, and revenue forecasting for manufacturers, thus adding visibility to the ecosystem
How it works: The Sales Agreements and Account-Based Forecasting features help create predictable insights and unite your sales, operations, finance, and product teams in their quick response to shifts in demand.
Teams can have a single location to define the frequency of planned orders, negotiate price and volume commitments, and track KPIs with the actual info from Enterprise Resource Planning or Order Management System.
Salesforce Industries, Media Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Media Cloud

Media Cloud

License price: Starts from $275 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Broadcasters, Publishers, Advertising Agencies
Why use it: It helps service providers quickly develop and launch subscription bundles with offers to create personalized customer experiences
How it works: Using AI, Media Cloud helps providers better understand preferences and previous interactions for smarter customer engagement.
Media-specific data models and pre-built downloadable processes guide subscribers to relevant products while delivering effective and quality support.
It also enables the monetization of ads, content and subscriptions with operational efficiencies.
Salesforce Industries, Nonprofit Cloud
Salesforce Industries, Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud

License price: Starts from $60 / user / month (billed annually)
Designed for: Charitable, Veteran and Social Welfare Organizations, Civic Leagues
Why use it: Due to Nonprofit Cloud, such companies can automate typical processes and focus more time and resources on their core mission and make a greater impact in their communities
How it works: This Cloud is designed for managing donor relationships, fundraising, and program management – which also includes features for volunteers & grants.
It provides tools for tracking donations, engaging with supporters, pre-built reporting based on key performance metrics, such as fundraising goals, donor retention rates, and program impact.

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