Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation along with In-House Team Training for IT Products Manufacturer

Salesforce customer success story behind the company manufacturing and distributing computers
and related products and software for over 30 years


Extra Computer GmbH
high tech
Giengen An Der Brenz, Germany
Number of employees:

About the Сlient

Extra Computer GmbH has been a key player in the market for over 30 years.
"Founded in the year 1989 by two visionary brothers in a quaint village with a population of around 200, our team has since grown to 200 employees. It's fascinating to see the village population double during working hours and return to its peaceful state in the evenings," — says Philipp Bosch, Head of Applications & Processes, who has been a part of Extra Computer GmbH for 15 years.
Initially utilizing a farmer's house as the base, Extra Computer GmbH has expanded into a company that specializes in manufacturing, assembling, and selling personal computers, notebooks, servers, industrial computers, medical computers, and industrial software solutions for industrial PCs and usage throughout Germany.
The company's commitment to innovation propels Extra Computer GmbH to continually pursue growth opportunities.
Project details:
  • Manufacturing, high tech industry
  • Over 120 Salesforce Org users
  • Completed project, started in October, 2023
Salesforce Clouds used:


Extra Computer GmbH decided to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud primarily to enhance its growth trajectory. Recognizing the need for a robust CRM solution to elevate their sales operations, Salesforce emerged as the clear choice to gain deeper insights into sales performance, streamline operations, maximize productivity, and reach new levels of success.
In addition to the major goal of Salesforce implementation, the company needed a partner that could offer a delicate balance of technical oversight and internal team training of Extra Computer GmbH.


Upon exploring the list of potential partners that could assist the company in achieving these objectives, Twistellar emerged as the best fit because of the offered balance between expertise, flexibility, and budget.
The project succeeded because of its unique strategy, which integrated Twistellar's technical supervision for Salesforce with training for Extra Computer GmbH's internal team. We empowered the client's team to handle a segment of the project's integration scope while simultaneously implementing technical processes and development environments. This helped Extra Computer GmbH customize Salesforce using their new expertise.
Let's break down how we tackled the challenge:
Comprehensive technical oversight: By providing technical supervision, we ensured that the project adhered to quality standards and best practices. This oversight encompassed all aspects of the project, including integrations and customizations.
Client team training: Recognizing the importance of empowering our client, we conducted tailored Salesforce training sessions for their internal team. This equipped Extra Computer GmbH with the necessary skills to effectively manage their designated portion of the project, fostering ownership and collaboration.
Integration expertise: Integrations often pose complex challenges. By entrusting a segment of the integration tasks to the client's team, we leveraged their domain knowledge while offering guidance and support where needed. This collaborative approach optimized efficiency and minimized friction.
Efficient workflows and development environment: We worked alongside the client to establish streamlined workflows and optimized development environments, enabling seamless collaboration and rapid iteration.
Customizations and Salesforce expertise: Leveraging our expertise in Salesforce, we guided Extra Computer GmbH in executing customizations tailored to their specific needs. This involved not only technical implementation but also strategic guidance to ensure alignment with their business objectives.
Additionally, Twistellar offered basic Salesforce managed services, including Salesforce administration, release and change services, developer and integration services, and analytical services to ensure comprehensive support for the Salesforce implementation.
  • Philipp Bosch
    Head of Applications & Processes
    Finding the right fit for our Salesforce implementation was crucial for Extra Computer GmbH.

    We scoured through potential companies and stumbled upon Twistellar. After acknowledging their Salesforce implementation examples and upon recommendation, the choice became evident.

    Working with Twistallar became our first experience with a nearshore company, and it proved to be a wise choice.

    We harbored doubts about overcoming the language difference, especially since our sales team exclusively speaks German. However, despite this initial concern, we successfully tackled the challenge thanks to the expertise of Dmitri, the CEO and Co-founder at Twistellar. His invaluable assistance swiftly resolved all concerns, enabling us to seamlessly navigate our Salesforce journey.

Scope and Process

Objective: streamlining sales processes, enhancing customer interactions, and boosting productivity with the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud; obtaining comprehensive managed services; client team training while executing integrations and customizations.
Deliverables: seamless Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation, encompassing administration, release management, development, and analytics services; tailored training sessions for the client's internal team; Salesforce customization.
  • Philipp Bosch
    Head of Applications & Processes
    Twistellar was a perfect match in terms of cost-efficiency and effectiveness. We evaluated the estimates from a few other companies, which were slightly pricier for similar services. However, in my opinion, they lacked the extensive experience that the Twistellar Team brings to the table.

    It was a combination of finding the right balance between budget and expertise.

    Twistallar truly exceeded our expectations — I would definitely give them a five-star rating because they were incredibly attentive to our needs.


At the request of Extra Computer GmbH, Twistellar concentrated its efforts on the following:
Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services:
  • Integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud into the existing infrastructure of Extra Computer GmbH, ensuring smooth functionality and data flow.
  • Customizing Salesforce Sales Cloud to align with Extra Computer GmbH's specific business processes and requirements, enhancing usability and productivity.
Salesforce Managed Services:
  • Implementing advanced customization and automation features to streamline sales processes and improve efficiency.
  • Provision of comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure seamless adoption and utilization of Salesforce Sales Cloud features.
Internal Team Training and Onboarding:
  • Training sessions covering key concepts, best practices, and hands-on exercises in Salesforce.
  • Onboarding support to facilitate smooth integration of the team into the project environment and workflows.

Client Testimonial

  • Philipp Bosch
    Head of Applications & Processes
    In my experience, managing two teams with different levels of experience and aligning them for a Salesforce project can be challenging.

    However, collaborating with the Twistellar team and Dmitri made it seamless. Dmitri's hands-on approach and great management skills ensured smooth coordination between the teams.

    We were able to avoid any conflicts and adapt flexibly to our needs, earning Twistellar five stars.

    Their willingness to provide additional services, like onboarding, demonstrated their commitment to our success.

    Overall, language concerns and project management were swiftly addressed, and bottlenecks, if any, were effectively managed.

    Extra Computer GmbH highly recommends Twistellar for their exceptional support and expertise.
Searching for a reliable Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partner? With over 600 successfully delivered projects for businesses of any size, complexity, and niche, Twistellar will be happy to assist you in getting started using the Sales Cloud and maximizing the value of Salesforce implementation. Contact us today.

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