Experience Cloud
former Community Cloud

Interactive Web Portals designed to connect and facilitate communication among customers, partners and orgnization's employees

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A great and growing share of your Customers expect to find what they need from your Company in
not more than three clicks
of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives due to COVID-19*
Are you sure that you even know about them, and are you really providing them with the expected interactive and personalized experience?
of customers (inc. 68% millennials)
prefer digital channels
of interaction*
of business buyers
expect to conduct more business online*
*the insights from the latest
"State of the Connected Customer"
report of Salesforce
Creation of Online Interactive Portals is a huge demand in the modern corporate world. Companies engage with Customers, Partners and even their Employees in a new digital way, providing them with self-service, ordering, reporting, onboarding, scheduling capabilities - to grow sales, decrease the service costs and improve loyalty.
Salesforce Experience Cloud (former Community Cloud) is the ultimate answer to the growing need. The solution provides unlimited capabilities of building interactive systems, where the powerful Salesforce platform is used as a backend, and customer-facing UI is flexibly customizable through dynamic public pages, web portals and even mobile apps
Twistellar has rich proven experience of implementing effective Experience Cloud solutions for various needs and industries - from building simple public forms, for instance for accepting payments for subscriptions, to constructing heavily loaded and integrated e-Commerce systems, that process billions of purchases yearly via mobile apps.
Experience Cloud solutions allow you to expand your online presence with interactive functionality. They can be accurately branded and seamlessly integrated with the existing website, providing completely new customer experience and up-to-date connectivity for your Customers, Partners and Employees.
Experience Cloud Typical Application Areas

Customer Communities

  • FAQs and Knowledge bases
  • Online shops
  • Order tracking systems
  • Product configuration modules
  • Payment acceptance forms
  • User groups and forums
  • Self-service Portals
  • Brand Communities
Area of Optimization
Run your email conversations right in the system
Customers are able to find the information they need on their own
They're able to select or configure a complex product, get a personal price proposal and place an order
Incomplete orders can be revealed and followed up with emails and special proposals to get closed
Customers are able to track the fulfillment of their Orders themselves and get timely notifications on all the stages
With the correspondent integrations,
it's possible to automate the end to end flow: order placement, acceptance of payment, generation of all documents, arranging delivery and getting the feedback
Loyal customers are able to share their experience on the web groups and become your advocates
The load on your service department
is lowered, costs are decreased

Partners Community

  • Partner Onboarding Materials
  • Pipeline Collaboration Tools
  • B2B Ordering
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Partner Scoring
  • News and Announcements
  • Document Generation
Area of Optimization
Partners are easier recruited and onboarded
They get the necessary materials
to effectively start the collaboration
Mutual sales pipeline is boosted
Leads are properly classified and routed across Partners for effective conversion
Partners are empowered with order configuration and placement tools
Partners are able to track the execution of their orders, and get notified upon related events
Partners can evaluate the cooperation metrics via dynamic Dashboards
Partners are able to forecast their promotional activities based on the available stock
Partners are scored and tiered according to their achievements, to stimulate cooperation
Partners get personal pricing that considers their range and commitment
Partners are able to generate the needed documents easily
All interactions are captured and tracked
Overall cooperation becomes more flexible and automated where needed
Partner satisfaction rating improves and brings more commitment and mutual sales

Employee Communities

  • Employee Onboarding
  • People Management Tools
  • Employee Lifecycle Tracking
  • Involvement Tools
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Corporate Structure Management
  • HR Applications Automations
  • Business Flows Enablers
Area of Optimization
Employees are onboarded easier and quicker, their learning curve shortens and gets them to maximal productivity in a short time
People get better socialized within the company, their cooperation improves
Teammates get higher motivation
and commitment to common success
It's easier to stay on top of all trends, news and events of the team
Personnel-related processes become less costly
It's possible to implement updated talent management approaches and drive people life cycles in the organization timely and effectively for maximal results
Run your email conversations right in the system
Imagine Experience Cloud as a web-based interface to provide manageable access and represent the appropriate data of your organization to external users and involve them directly in your business flows, as if they would work from your Salesforce instance, having access to the functions they need to interact with your company. Such an approach raises the collaboration to a new level, making it faster and more effective.

From a technical standpoint,
leveraging an Experience Cloud solution includes:

creating the customer-facing web-based interface, where you use the combination of standard and custom components to display information and interactive elements
accurately branding the style, so that the Interactive Web Portal seamlessly expands the existing corporate web presence, with wide browser compatibility, desktop and mobile
adding the needed number of licenses for your external users (either user-based, or session-based, depending on the business model)
adjusting backend logic to accommodate the business flows involving external users
configuring permissions and roles to ensure that external users have only authorised access to the relevant information
A smart combination of standard Salesforce and Experience licenses
can help to achieve remarkable results from an ROI perspective!
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Implement Experience Cloud, connect your Partners, Customers
and Employees, achieve maximal productivity
and the new level of interaction in 2021!

Expected ranges of Experience Cloud Implementation Costs*
Data Display Site
Standard components,
basic branding,
basic configuration
$8,000 - $12,000
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Interactive Online System
Moderate customization:
branding, back-end automations, integration in scope
$20,000 - $40,000
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Enterprise Portal
Heavy customization:
back-end + UI, mobile adoption, several custom integrations, complicated permissions management
$50,000 - $150,000
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*Actual implementation costs vary on the individual requirements of an organization
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