Salesforce Health Check, Lightning Migration and Business Flows Improvement for a Large Manufacturer

• Date: July 2023 •
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
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FS-Curtis is a renowned manufacturer of compressed air systems. Headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, USA, FS-Curtis operates in North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia, working with channel partners and company stores. FS-Curtis is part of the larger Fusheng Industrial family, a global provider of compressed air solutions serving a broad range of industries.
  • Audit & Optimization
  • Configuration & Customization
  • Support


FS-Curtis has been jointly using Salesforce with its sister company, FS-Elliott, for about 10 years. Initially, the goal of CRM implementation was to record sales opportunities and understand sales activities. 5–6 years ago, the company started to get broader engagement and more use out of the system and its data, not only for sales but also for marketing and, more broadly, for operations and supply chain planning purposes.
However, the system had some performance issues that couldn't be handled internally:
  • email processing was tied to static flow references, keeping this stable but not scalable
  • Partner Communities were not utilizing the new Lightning interface
  • case and solution management was not fully utilized
  • data integrity was not fully covered due to strict security rules and data management policies
  • automations were introduced by different departments, so their structure was not unified and ready for further scaling
So FS-Curtis turned to Twistellar to bring in best practices to keep the system optimized and up-to-date.


Having fixed some urgent performance issues, an org's health check was performed to reveal the dependencies and possible optimization paths to make the system enhanced and easy to maintain.
  • Robert Lee
    President at FS-Curtis
    Dmitry and Serge did a very extensive job looking at our overall system, and investigating our business, and came up with a 120 page document for us, documenting the issues and making some suggestions on what we need for the short and long term.
Having prioritized the results of the health check, the following projects were coordinated:
  • Migration to Lightning Experience, taking into account the custom work that was done before, as well as training of the employees.
  • Making more extensive use of Cases. Previously, all customer interactions were handled through email, including new orders, follow-up orders, the status of orders, and reporting on problems. The customer service team was dealing with hundreds and hundreds of emails a day, which is hard to manage.

    A third-party tool was used to assist with this, but the team quickly came up with some limitations because it was neither integrated with the ERP system nor Salesforce. So it was decided to handle the customer service requests through Salesforce to have all the information in one place.
  • Asset management: FS-Curtis needed to have the equipment sold to customers stored and managed in a centralized location, so as to be kept updated of their operating status and maintenance history. The team can now do a better job keeping customers happy.
  • Order management: FS-Curtis has CPQ but needed to take it one step further to the order taking process, and integrate it with the ERP system.
  • Pardot (MCAE) migration to Lightning and updating the connector to keep the system up-to-date.

Scope and Process

As a result of the health check, the FS-Curtis team was provided with a document listing all the system's issues. After that, the issues were broken down into projects prioritized by the level of urgency and time needed to achieve results.
Some of the projects were cut out into phases; this way, it was possible to do regular check-ins in the form of demos and validate that it met the customer's expectations.
  • Robert Lee
    President at FS-Curtis
    What I really like about your company is that when we come to anybody here with our question or problem that we need help with, they have advised us what the best fix would be and then let us decide if that's the route we want to go or if we want to go for a bandage type of fix for the time being.

    Salesforce is complex, so they really take the time to explain it to us so that we can understand how the whole system integrates, and having a partner who understands how it all works together has been really helpful and supportive, therefore resolving most of our issues.


  • most of the team transitioned to Lightning, enablement was conducted to reduce stress for end users by preparing corresponding guides and keeping new interface similar to the old view
  • sharing rules were reviewed, summarized, and presented
  • automations are covered by a single and unified representation consisting of as-is and to-do states and exact steps to optimize or fix each of them
  • system structure adjustment was suggested, partner experiences analyzed and updated in correspondence with the business flows
  • UAT is supported by addressing small tweaks requested by the management team to use the conversion situation to fix non-critical issues
Even though some of the projects were completed, new ones keep getting added, since the company can now focus on long-term solutions.


  • Natalie Fontana
    Director of Brand Marketing at FS-Curtis
    Working with Twistellar feels like working with part of our team. Very responsive, always there giving us updates on our projects. When we're learning new processes or updating the processes, they take the time to tell us what they're going to do, walk us through what we're doing, and also train us on how to use it.

    Twistellar has been an integral part of the support team with FS-Curtis switching from Classic to Lightning. They have ensured there has been no disruption in our business or projects and ensured all of the newly implemented processes are sustainable and able to be supported through Salesforce and Pardot.
  • Robert Lee
    President at FS-Curtis
    Twistellar has been a great company to work with starting with the initial health check of our system to evolving to some short-term and long-term projects, improving our overall usefulness of SF as a tool, not only for the sales and marketing teams, but for the whole company overall. Very responsive, professional, and great to work with.

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