Refinement of Financial Accounting

About project
The company is using Salesforce to account and process financial operations of their customers. They were in need of customizing some sophisticated reports and calculations on their backend side, to keep the system whole and accurate.
We had to study the existing code written quite poorly by our predecessor on this account, and make necessary adjustments. Besides the initial poor quality of the code itself, and multi-layered sandboxes that weren't properly synchronized, the customer got almost disappointed in Salesforce. We refactored the code, implemented several controlling systems that prevent fracturing of their accounting and provide needed reports.

• Salesforce Sales Cloud workflows/processes, reports/dashboards Apex controllers/triggers Visualforce pages javascript CSS Salesforce Lightning design system
The customer is able to further use Salesforce for their financial management, without re-building the system from scratch.
Date: August 2017 ● Category: Sales Cloud / App Cloud
Just want to say a massive thank you on all of your immense help along the way!
Project Manager of the Customer Company