Visualization system of incomes and expenses for subbrands

About project
The project required custom visualization solution - nice looking dynamic views of reports of a wholesale company, world leader.
The main challenge was to select an appropriate external library to be used in Salesforce, and to provide the broad compatibility with different browsers. In the end, after several trials, quite a rare library was found and used, and the equal performance and looks were verified for all browsers.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Components REST Integrations Apex Controllers/Triggers async Apex Javascript CSS SVG Salesforce Lightning Design System
The open source library was selected and implemented to draw the dynamic charts that the customer required, and the compatibility with different browsers was verified.
Date: July 2017 ● Category: Sales Cloud / App Cloud
I wanted to say thank you for all your work on our project and especially last week. I say this on behalf of the whole project team!

Your professional and prompt responses to all our requests made a big impact on how comfortable and confident we were working towards the sign off.
Project Manager of the Customer Company