Salesforce Managed Services for Vivino, World's Largest Wine Marketplace

Salesforce сustomer success story behind the wine app with over 68M users
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San Francisco, CA, United States
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About the Сlient

With 65 million users and over 17 million wines, Vivino stands as the globe's premier wine app and marketplace that operates in 18 official markets, with plans to expand further in the coming years. Its mission is to empower individuals worldwide to savor the essence of wine to its fullest extent.
"Imagine you're at the supermarket, trying to choose the perfect wine for dinner with friends or your partner, or even just for yourself. That's where the idea for Vivino originated," – says Miguel Zurbano Sanchez, Director of Operational Excellence. – Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard, the Founders of Vivino, wanted to help people consistently pick the right wine for any occasion."
As the business grew, the opportunity to connect fulfillment partners and warehouses directly with customers arose, enabling customers to easily place orders for their favorite wines. This led to Vivino's evolution into a wine marketplace.
Vivino has established partnerships with various retailers and wineries to provide customers with the best wines and services. Recently, they launched a premium subscription in multiple countries, offering additional features to enhance the user experience.
Project details:
  • Consumer goods industry
  • Over 100 Salesforce Org users
  • Ongoing project, from July, 2023
Salesforce Clouds used:


Vivino's longstanding experience with Salesforce used to be fraught with challenges. Despite the efforts, the company struggled to establish a robust architecture that fully harnessed Salesforce's potential.
As Vivino expanded its operations and integrated various departments into Salesforce, it became increasingly evident that its existing framework was inadequate for scaling and growth.
That's when Vivino started searching for a Salesforce Managed Service Provider to help Vivino discover the structural deficiencies within its Salesforce setup, navigate these technical limitations, and chart a path forward.


Twistellar evaluated Vivino's Salesforce architecture, focusing on identifying structural deficiencies and technical limitations hindering scalability and growth. This involved a thorough assessment of existing workflows, data structures, and system integrations within Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
Based on the findings from the audit, Twistellar provided expert Salesforce consultancy services to Vivino, offering strategic recommendations designed to address the identified challenges and optimize Salesforce usage.
Finally, Twistellar implemented a series of optimizations aimed at maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of Vivino's Salesforce Org. This included refining workflows, automating manual tasks, optimizing system configurations, and enhancing reporting capabilities.
  • Miguel Zurbano Sanchez
    Director of Operational Excellence
    The approach from the team at Twistellar was truly remarkable. Thomas Hobel, CEO at Twistellar Europe, was consistently friendly and professional, setting the tone for our entire collaboration.

    We appreciated their meticulous attention to detail and the flexibility they offered in terms of budget and timing.

    The expertise and professionalism demonstrated by every individual contributor were evident throughout our project.

    Despite being offered at a reasonable price, the quality of their work far exceeded our expectations.

    Twistellar proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle we were searching for.

    The whole team has consistently delivered exceptional results, making us confident that we made the right choice in partnering with Twistellar.

Scope and Process

Objective: enhancing the Salesforce experience for Vivino by addressing existing challenges, workflows optimization, fortifying security measures, and improving internal dynamics.
Deliverables: health check, comprehensive restructuring of the Salesforce architecture, implementation of advanced security protocols, workflows refinement and automatiom, enhancement of internal dynamics through improved collaboration and communication, consulting across different tiers.
  • Miguel Zurbano Sanchez
    Director of Operational Excellence
    If Twistellar were a wine, I would say that it is the kind of wine that is very exclusive and won't fail the expectations when uncorked. Without a doubt, Twistellar deserves a five-star rating from us.
Tilda Publishing


Since the beginning of the collaboration between Vivino and Twistellar in July 2023, Twistellar has managed tasks of different levels of complexity that included the following activities:
Salesforce Managed Services:
  • Continuous monitoring and support for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud instances to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Proactive maintenance and troubleshooting to address any issues promptly and minimize downtime, enhancing overall system stability.
Salesforce Audit:
  • In-depth assessment of the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud implementations to identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency.
  • Evaluation of data integrity, system configurations, and user adoption to uncover potential bottlenecks and optimization opportunities.
Salesforce Consulting:
  • Expert guidance and strategic recommendations tailored to maximize the value of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud investments.
  • Consultation on best practices, customizations, and integrations to align the platforms with the client's business objectives and drive growth.
Salesforce Architecture Optimization:
  • Customized enhancements and refinements to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud configurations to improve usability, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Implementation of automation, workflows, and personalized experiences to streamline sales processes, enhance customer service, and boost overall performance.

Client Testimonial

  • Miguel Zurbano Sanchez
    Director of Operational Excellence
    Our collaboration with Twistellar has been nothing short of transformative, marked by numerous wins that have significantly elevated our Salesforce experience. Beyond their exemplary technical development and consultancy, Twistellar has achieved remarkable successes in restructuring, fortifying security, optimizing workflows, and enhancing internal dynamics.

    Structural transformation:
    Twistellar's adept team showcased an unparalleled ability to understand our organizational structure.
    Their strategic approach to Salesforce development led to a complete transformation of our Salesforce architecture. The redefined structure not only addressed existing challenges but also set a robust foundation for future scalability.

    Security fortification:
    Twistellar's commitment to safeguarding our information was evident in their meticulous attention to security measures. Their implementation of advanced security protocols and proactive monitoring has fortified our Salesforce platform against potential threats, providing us with peace of mind as we handle sensitive business data.

    Workflow optimization:
    One of Twistellar's standout achievements lies in their expertise in optimizing workflows. They conducted a thorough analysis of our business processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Through meticulous refinement and automation, they not only streamlined our workflows but also significantly boosted overall operational efficiency.

    Internal dynamics enhancement:
    Understanding that a successful Salesforce implementation goes beyond technology, Twistellar actively worked on enhancing our internal dynamics. Their Salesforce consultancy services delved into the intricacies of our team interactions, introducing solutions that fostered collaboration and improved communication. The result was a more cohesive and productive work environment.

    Alternative solutions across tiers:
    Twistellar's commitment to providing tailored solutions was exemplified in their approach to offering alternatives with different tier scopes. Recognizing that businesses have diverse needs, they presented us with a range of options, each catering to specific requirements and budgets. This flexibility in their offerings showcased their commitment to delivering customized solutions that truly align with our unique business goals.

    In essence,
    Twistellar's wins in transforming our structure, fortifying security, optimizing workflows, and enhancing internal dynamics have positioned them not just as service providers but as strategic partners in our success journey. Their ability to offer alternatives with different tier scopes demonstrates a level of customer-centricity that is rare to find. We are grateful for the impactful contributions Twistellar continues to make to our business.

    Thank you, Twistellar, for your unwavering dedication and the multitude of victories that have propelled our Salesforce experience to new heights.
If your company prefers not to establish an in-house Salesforce team, Twistellar, the Salesforce CREST partner, will be happy to become your trusted Salesforce Managed Service Provider and ensure your Salesforce org is well optimized, maintained, and supported. Contact us today.

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