Custom Salesforce Development of Partner Portal for IT Sourcing Marketplace

Salesforce customer success story behind dc nearshoring, an all-in-one expert for IT sourcing in the German-speaking area

Custom Salesforce Development of Partner Portal for IT Sourcing Marketplace

dc nearshoring
High tech
Munich, Germany
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About the Сlient

dc nearshoring is a platform business with a presence across Germany, including locations in Hamburg, Nürnberg, Augsburg, and Munich. The company operates as a marketplace for IT resources, addressing customer demands for skilled personnel.
When a customer submits a request, dc nearshoring matches it with suitable partners from their extensive partner pool. The company has over 55 delivery partners registered on its portal, providing access to over 25,000 professionals. These partners are based in over 21 countries, enabling dc nearshoring to meet a diverse range of customer needs with highly qualified IT experts.
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  • High tech industry
  • 5 Salesforce org users
  • Completed project, from October, 2023


A significant challenge for dc nearshoring was managing its data effectively, which underscored the need for a data portal. Their old process relied heavily on email and Excel spreadsheets.
For instance, when a customer called requesting two skilled individuals, dc nearshoring recorded the request in Excel and then sent emails to their delivery partners. The evaluation process, partner information, and communications were all managed manually in Excel.
As responses came in, dc nearshoring struggled to promptly match candidates to the correct opportunities. Customers would request interviews, but the team often needed clarifications about which opportunity or company the request referred to and what the agreed price was. This disorganization became a major issue as dc nearshoring scaled up.
The Excel and email-based system simply couldn't handle the increased volume — the company searched for the means to digitalize the workflows.


Custom Salesforce development of a Partner Portal emerged as the solution to the challenge, enabling dc nearshoring to scale efficiently and seamlessly manage data.
Notably, dc nearshoring needed a solution that deviates from the traditional CRM setup commonly associated with Salesforce. A tailored approach was required to align more closely with the company's specific processes and requirements.
The custom Partner Portal provided dc nearshoring with the ability to scale up effortlessly.
Now when they receive an opportunity, it is posted into the Portal. Each delivery partner creates a profile based on their capabilities, location, and size. This enables dc nearshoring to easily select the appropriate partners. With a simple click, emails are automatically sent to the selected partners. If a partner has suitable candidates, they can upload their CVs directly into the Partner Portal.
This Partner Portal, developed by Twistellar, ensures a smooth flow from opportunity to job posting to candidate submission. The Portal automatically evaluates the CVs against the requirements, eliminating the need for manual checks. Qualified candidates can be quickly forwarded to the customer and the delivery partner with another simple click. The Partner Portal also provides a clear overview of all candidates, showing which delivery partner each candidate belongs to and for which opportunity.
The solution has helped dc nearshoring effectively connect customers looking to implement IT projects with IT service providers. The Portal addresses the need for tracking project opportunities, submitting and getting approvals for partners' offers, and booking financial parameters and metrics of engagements, complete with all necessary automations and notifications.
This streamlined process allows dc nearshoring to manage this part of the workflow almost independently, freeing up the rest of the team to focus on other tasks and significantly improving their operational efficiency.
  • Davide Criscione
    CEO at dc nearshoring
    The best part of the experience collaborating with Twistellar was their support in defining the process and solutions, especially given our budget constraints. Twistellar helped us find cost-effective ways to fulfill our business requirements without overspending on development.

    Building trust with your supplier isn't just about maximizing revenue; it's about finding the right, affordable solutions to meet your needs.

    For me, this aspect was the most crucial, even more than Twistellar's technical capabilities of custom development on the Salesforce platform.

Scope and Process

Objective: digitizing a previously manual process and enhancing scalability; addressing the need for tracking project opportunities, facilitating the submission and approval of partners' offers, and managing financial parameters and engagement metrics through automation and notifications.
Deliverables: custom Salesforce development services that included building a custom Partner Portal, Customer 360 Platform integration, and process automation.
  • Davide Criscione
    CEO at dc nearshoring
    One of our customers had a positive experience with Twistellar. We introduced Twistellar to the customer for a Salesforce project, and witnessing their performance firsthand left a lasting impression — that was a contributing factor in selecting Twistellar to assist us.

    I personally was impressed by their competencies, especially Dmitri Leichik's personal approach, which instilled trust.

    Additionally, Twistellar's pricing was exceptionally attractive, making it a valuable partnership for us.


Here are the results achieved through the collaboration between dc nearshoring and Twistellar:
Custom Salesforce Development of Partner Portal:
  • Development of a custom Partner Portal tailored specifically for dc nearshoring's requirements.
  • Tracking project opportunities, facilitating the submission and approval of partners' offers, and enabling the booking of financial parameters and engagement metrics within the Partner Portal.
  • Automation features within the Portal, enhancing efficiency with notifications that ensure timely communication.
Custom ChatGPT Integration:
  • Integrated ChatGPT to utilize the most up-to-date AI methodologies for information preprocessing.
  • Implemented a custom ChatGPT integration tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  • Helped enhance data handling and improve overall efficiency through advanced AI capabilities.
Salesforce Consulting:
  • Expert consultation was provided to dc nearshoring throughout the project implementation.
  • Strategic guidance was offered to optimize the use of Salesforce tools and functionalities.

Client Testimonial

  • Davide Criscione
    CEO at dc nearshoring
    Twistellar exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I certainly rate my overall experience with Twistellar a solid five. The communication, quality of work delivered, and responsiveness were exceptional, earning another perfect score of five.

    Twistellar was incredibly fast in bringing our project to production, demonstrating outstanding responsiveness. While there were occasional minor communication gaps regarding production timelines, they were quickly resolved, and I could always confirm the status of our projects promptly.

    Overall, Twistellar's performance was outstanding, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.
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