Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Implementation for SPP Earth, a Sustainable Procurement Initiative

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP)
Düsseldorf, Germany
Number of employees:

About the Сlient

Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) emerged in 2019 as a grassroots initiative led by volunteers passionate about embedding sustainability into procurement practices. Since then, SPP has evolved significantly, transitioning into a registered organization in 2022 with a growing team and a clear mission.
At the core of SPP's mission lies a profound belief in procurement's transformative influence on sustainable supply chains. With a goal of engaging one million procurement professionals worldwide, SPP serves as a change management organization, providing a platform for collaboration, learning, and exchanging ideas.
With over 15,000 individuals already committed to the pledge, SPP is revolutionizing global supply chains by aligning its procurement practices with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact principles. From ambassadors to champions and CPOs, SPP offers various avenues for involvement, including events, chapters, and the annual World Sustainable Procurement Day.
Project details:
  • Nonprofit industry
  • Up to 10 Salesforce Org users
  • Started in April 2023, completed


Sustainable Procurement Pledge has entered an era of growth, doubling the number of ambassadors annually until 2030. The nonprofit organization has created a need to be equipped to scale up. However, due to limited technical proficiency and resources within the team, effectively managing the increasing volume of community activities and engagement without the necessary technical know-how has proven challenging.
At the same time, the nonprofit organization leadership sought to upgrade from disparate sources of contact information to a centralized CRM system to streamline communication within the organization and the community.
Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack covered all bases regarding unified data management, relationship management, and constituent engagement. This shift required careful planning to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of Salesforce.
With a lack of in-house technical expertise, selecting a suitable consulting partner was imperative for a successful implementation process. Following a recommendation from Salesforce reps, SPP chose Twistellar as a Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack consulting and implementation partner for its previous expertise in assisting non-profit organizations.


Instead of simply migrating data, Twistellar helped SPP embrace a clean slate approach, leveraging the Salesforce migration to instate standardized procedures and streamline operations.
During the discovery phase, Twistellar guided the Sustainable Procurement Pledge in recognizing the importance of segmentation and targeted communications. Together, we successfully transitioned community engagement tracking from LinkedIn to Salesforce, enabling clearer strategies and improved engagement.
Additionally, Twistellar assisted SPP in migrating its outdated email system to Microsoft Outlook, aiming to enhance operational efficiency. Despite the challenges, the partnership ensured seamless user onboarding and alignment with industry standards.
Throughout the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack implementation process, effective communication and collaboration between SPP and Twistellar were key. This cohesive partnership facilitated the successful realization of project objectives, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined workflows.
Twistellar's consulting services were instrumental in addressing SPP's mission, objectives, and challenges. By providing strategic guidance and support, we helped define donor and engagement journeys within Salesforce, ensuring GDPR compliance and data integrity.
Throughout the project, Twistellar provided strategic guidance and support to define donor and engagement journeys within Salesforce. This involved addressing governance concerns and implementing processes to ensure GDPR compliance and data integrity.
  • Executive Director at The Sustainable Procurement Pledge
    From my perspective, a satisfied team is paramount, and Twistellar has certainly delivered in this regard.

    The seamless collaboration between my team and Twistellar, coupled with the personalized support they provide, has resulted in a positive experience.

    Knowing that my team now possesses the necessary tools and resources to excel is immensely gratifying. In summary, I'm pleased with the outcome.

Scope and Process

Objective: Empower SPP Earth, a global sustainable procurement organization, to better support its community and improve internal operations by implementing Salesforce as a centralized platform for data management, communication, and engagement.
Deliverables: Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack consulting, implementation, and configuration, the transition of community management workflows from LinkedIn to Salesforce, migration to Outlook and Teams for improved communication, activation plan for GDPR-compliant data engagement with donors and partners through Salesforce.
  • Executive Director at The Sustainable Procurement Pledge
    Twistellar's responsiveness was truly commendable. At times, we found ourselves trailing behind their pace due to the multitude of projects on our plate. Yet, their team displayed remarkable patience and adaptability, accommodating unexpectancies with grace.

    The technical execution of our goals was exemplary, although our lack of expertise left us yearning for more proactive guidance. In retrospect, a more vocal discussion of the 'Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' would have probably enriched our journey.


The partnership between SPP and Twistellar facilitated a successful transition to Salesforce, enabling the client to overcome limitations associated with their previous tracking methods. The project resulted in cleaner data, improved donor and community engagement processes, and enhanced team capabilities, setting the stage for continued growth and success.
Transitioning Data from LinkedIn to Salesforce:
  • Successful migration of community data from LinkedIn to Salesforce, enabling centralized management and analysis of donor and engagement information.
  • Shifted focus from tracking community interactions on LinkedIn, which lacked segmentation and integration capabilities, to utilizing Salesforce features for enhanced data management.
Defined Donor and Engagement Journeys:
  • Newly defined donor and engagement journeys in Salesforce, streamlining processes and ensuring consistency in donor interactions.
  • Improved engagement pathways for targeted communication and personalized engagement strategies, improving donor satisfaction and retention.
Process Optimization and Governance:
  • Governance concerns addressed, and best practices established for data management and ownership within the Salesforce platform.
  • Streamlined processes and workflows to improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, resulting in cleaner and more reliable data.
Improved Event Management:
  • Integrated Salesforce capabilities ahead of a major event, facilitating seamless event management and participant engagement.
  • Enhanced event registrations, attendee interactions tracking, and event analysis performance, enhancing overall event ROI.
Clean Data and GDPR Compliance:
  • Processes implemented to ensure GDPR compliance and maintain clean, regulation-compliant data within Salesforce.
  • Strategies introduced to engage donors and stakeholders while adhering to GDPR regulations, mitigating risks associated with data privacy and security breaches.
Streamlined Day-to-Day Salesforce Operations:
  • One-on-one support and guidance to the client team, empowering them to leverage Salesforce effectively and confidently.
  • Introduction of necessary tools to independently manage and optimize Salesforce, fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Mailchimp integration and email migration from Strato to Microsoft Outlook for improved team communication and document collaboration.

Client Testimonial

  • Executive Director at The Sustainable Procurement Pledge
    In evaluating our experience with Twistellar, I must say we're highly satisfied with the progress made thus far, particularly in our Salesforce development.

    The consistency of working with the same team members has been a significant asset, providing a reliable point of contact for all inquiries.

    We've also appreciated the flexibility to engage multiple members from our team, a testament to Twistellar's adaptability and collaborative ethos. This dynamic approach has proven instrumental, especially considering our small team size and varying workloads.

    Overall, we've found Twistellar's partnership to be exceptionally accommodating and favorable to our project's success.

Is your nonprofit organization ready to leverage Salesforce for enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, and greater impact in achieving your mission and serving your community? Twistellar, the Salesforce CREST partner, will be happy to assist you with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack consulting and implementation services. Contact us today.

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