Twistellar's Most-Read Blog Posts and Case Studies of 2023

• Date: December 2023 •
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In this curated digest, we bring you a collection of our most popular blog posts and case studies that reflect the most sought-after Salesforce topics of 2023.

  1. CTI Tools for Salesforce: Boosting Sales Efficiency

CTI Tools for Salesforce: Boosting Sales Efficiency
CTI Tools for Salesforce: Boosting Sales Efficiency

Imagine a solution that not only streamlines your customer service and sales processes but also enhances the personalized experience for your customers.
With Twistellar's own Marketing Manager and Certified Salesforce Associate, Karina Zholobova, explore how CTI tools seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, enhancing sales efficiency and customer engagement.
This blog post delves into the benefits and functionalities of CTI in the Salesforce ecosystem, providing insights for businesses seeking improved communication and streamlined processes.

2. Personalized Marketing Automation: Real-World Examples

Personalized Marketing Automation: Real-World Examples
Personalized Marketing Automation: Real-World Examples
Dive into the realm of customized marketing automation with real-world examples that illustrate its transformative impact. This blog showcases successful case studies, revealing how tailored marketing strategies lead to increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates.
In this article, Twistellar's Head of Content, Valentina Moroz, discusses how automation can help create a personalized customer experience. The article also provides strategies and examples of personalized marketing automation using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

3. Salesforce for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Interview

Salesforce for Nonprofits
Salesforce for Nonprofits
In an insightful interview with Sheala Vast-Binder, a distinguished Nonprofit Consultant and a 5x Certified Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Instructor, we determine "the right time" for NGOs to seek technical assistance.
Sheala, with her extensive experience as the U.S. Training Manager for Supermums and current roles as Marketing Cloud and U.S.-based Administrator certified instructor, as well as a Training Consultant for Buzzbold, offers valuable insights into the challenges NGOs commonly face and effective strategies to overcome them.

4. Salesforce Data Migration: Best Practices Unveiled

Salesforce Data Migration Best Practices
Salesforce Data Migration Best Practices
Written by Alex Lomats, a certified Salesforce developer at Twistellar, this comprehensive guide is a hands-on resource to help you navigate the intricate process of Salesforce data migration. It emphasizes critical steps and best practices, ensuring a successful and seamless transition to the Salesforce platform.
In this article, we will explore the importance of data assessment and cleaning, the crafting of a migration strategy, the selection of appropriate data migration tools, the critical role of data mapping, and the execution of the migration process.
We will also delve into post-migration tasks and ongoing maintenance, providing a holistic approach to streamline your data migration journey.

5. SFSC Quotes, Products, Pricing: Your Ultimate Guide

SFSC Quotes, Products, Pricing: Your Ultimate Guide
SFSC Quotes, Products, Pricing: Your Ultimate Guide
The blog post provides an overview of Salesforce Sales Cloud standard objects and explains how businesses can effectively use these features to optimize their sales processes. It emphasizes the importance of proper training and support to maximize the benefits of Salesforce's pre-built quotes, products, and pricing functionalities.
The blog post's author, Valentine Kirik, is an experienced Salesforce consultant with four certifications. The post covers various topics, including the relationships between Salesforce Sales Cloud objects (Opportunities, Quotes, Products, and Pricings), the usage of Opportunities and Quotes, the significance of Products, Opportunity Products, and Quote Line Items, and generating and approving Quotes.
Navigate Salesforce Sales Cloud confidently using this comprehensive guide covering quotes, products, and pricing. Unravel the intricacies of Salesforce Sales Cloud, empowering your business to optimize sales processes and enhance customer relationships.

6. HubSpot to MCAE Migration: A Seamless Transition

Gexcon Case Study
Gexcon Case Study
Companies strive to optimize operations and consolidate customer information into a unified system.
Gexcon, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with a global presence across 11 countries, faced the challenge of disjointed data and incomplete customer views due to their fragmented use of various tools.
By adopting a customer-first approach, Twistellar audited Gexcon's existing system, providing invaluable recommendations that formed the foundation of the migration project.
The collaboration between the two companies led to the prioritization of the marketing phase, which spanned two months and resulted in the implementation of MC Account Engagement, the migration of databases and assets, and tailored customizations to meet Gexcon's specific business requirements.
  • Global Head of Business Support at Gexcon
    Twistellar came up with a very insightful conclusion on what we were doing, how we were doing it, and how they'd do it. And that really caught our attention because it was a thorough job that was carried out, and that impressed us quite a bit. It wasn't an easy choice at the beginning, but it became very evident as we progressed to talk with you.

7. Salesforce CRM Community Portal: Implementation Success

SANIL Case Study
SANIL Case Study
Student Athlete NIL (SANIL) has emerged as a trailblazing agency facilitating transactions between brands, universities, and student-athletes. Founded two years ago in Virginia, SANIL has swiftly become an industry leader.
Amid SANIL's meteoric rise, the challenges of managing an ever-expanding business became apparent. For the initial years, QuickBooks and spreadsheets were the go-to tools for tracking thousands of contracts and associated deliverables. With an overwhelming volume of documents, SANIL sought a comprehensive solution to streamline its processes and support scalability. The answer? Salesforce.
  • Rick Kanemasu
    Chief Technology Officer at SANIL
    We used Twistellar to implement Salesforce at our company. It was a very successful project, and Twistellar is one of the best consulting firms I've ever worked with.

    They are very flexible, professional, they always delivered on time, they always did what they said they were going to do, and I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for all the work that they did for us.

8. Salesforce Audit and Lightning Migration in Manufacturing

FS-Curtis Case Study
FS-Curtis Case Study
FS-Curtis is a prominent global manufacturer providing innovative solutions across North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.
The collaboration with Twistellar included a detailed health check, urgent resolution of performance issues, migration to the Lightning Experience, and enhanced utilization of Cases for centralized customer interactions.
  • Robert Lee
    President at FS-Curtis
    What I really like about your company is that when we come to anybody here with our question or problem that we need help with, they have advised us what the best fix would be and then let us decide if that's the route we want to go or if we want to go for a bandage type of fix for the time being.

    Salesforce is complex, so they really take the time to explain it to us so that we can understand how the whole system integrates, and having a partner who understands how it all works together has been really helpful and supportive, therefore resolving most of our issues.

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