how the Twistellar team celebrates Christmas in different countries

• Date: December 2022 •
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Dear friends! We thank every one of you who trusted our expertise, read our articles, followed our blog, and achieved new heights together with us. We would like to congratulate you on the upcoming Christmas and wish you to spend it in the company of your closest ones. Every family has its own traditions, and so does Twistellar.
As an international team, our Twistars are located in 6 different offices in 3 different countries around the world. And we want to talk about the Christmas traditions of Poland, Denmark, and Georgia to remind everyone that distance is not a hindrance to feeling the joy of holidays.

1. Natallia Rudzenia, Poland

Most Polish people are Catholics, and Christmas is one of the most important family holidays for us. We call the Christmas Eve celebration Wigilia. Its name comes from the Latin word "vigilare", which means "to look after", "to patrol" because of the Christmas fast. That's why a famous Polish Christmas dinner is so significant, and, of course, our festive dishes are associated with religious traditions.
Pierogi, local dumplings, is one of the obligatory 12 Christmas Eve dishes according to the 12 apostles on the "Last Supper". You can find any filling you are able to imagine, but the most "Christmasy" one is with cabbage and mushrooms.
Pierogi — polish dumplings
Pierogi — Polish Dumplings
If you're interested in how to prepare them, here's a recipe. You can try!

2. Thomas Hobel, Denmark

Christmas decorations begin to appear as early as October, right after Halloween. But officially, preparations for the celebration of Christmas begin on the first Friday of November, when the first sweet, dark Christmas beer of the year is released. At this time, we are trying to taste all the goodies that are only available at Christmas, and then not cook them till the next November.
So, at every Christmas market in Copenhagen, you can try special donuts called Æbleskiver. The most interesting fact is that the name literally means "apple slices" in Danish, although apples are not usually included there. They look like small balls and for their preparation there are special pans with recesses, reminiscent of egg cookers, just take a look! Donut baking molds are also sold in the oven.
Æbleskiver​ —​ Danish Pancakes
Æbleskiver — Danish Pancakes
As for the drinks… You must have heard about gløgg, it's like mulled wine, but prepared in Scandinavian traditions. It is usually stronger and has a richer smell, because the Danes put in raisins and almonds. I highly recommend it! Here's an easy instruction to prepare it at home.
Gløgg — Danish Mulled Wine
Gløgg — Danish Mulled Wine

3. Roman Zanko, Georgia

Unlike European countries, Christmas here is celebrated in January according to Orthodox traditions. That's why we are preparing more for the New Year. A unique feature of Georgian Christmas is that a traditional New Year's tree here is not a spruce or pine, but chichilaki. It is made from a straight branch of a walnut tree, which is successively planed from one end, leaving thin chips to hold on to the other end.
Chichilaki —​ Georgian Christmas Tree
Chichilaki — Georgian Christmas Tree
So, what I would like to recommend you to try here on Christmas? I live in Tbilisi, and in the Eastern part of Georgia there is a popular well-known chicken dish with nuts, Satsivi, that I also cook with my family. You can find gozinaki with nuts everywhere, and the main attribute of the Christmas table is a pig with adjika.
And of course there can be no celebration without khinkali — tight dough stuffed with meat or suluguni cheese, rarely with mushrooms. In terms of drinks, Georgians do not scrimp on their famous Georgian wine and chacha when celebrating as well as throughout the year.
We hope you enjoyed learning about the Christmas traditions of each of these countries from our team members. Share your experience if you've tried any of these dishes or plan to make them. We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope to gather all the followers, partners, and supporters again in 2023!
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